Wordless Wednesday {365-33}

 We had a strange “fog” today.
It ended up being rain and it was so warm this morning.
In the 40’s!
 More cloudiness.  
 Sunshine on the other side of the yard!
At least for a minute or 2.
More dark and stormy clouds.
My camera doesn’t really pick up on the
contrasts between the light and dark of the clouds.
It was a rather striking sight to behold.

*I noticed that I’ve used “sight to behold” twice this week.
What’s up with that?

Wordless (sorta) Wednesday {365-19}

 I was standing on the platform looking down at the birds.
Poop Shoe (the rooster) and a few of the girls.
 Some of my younger ones.
Kinda looks like a push-me-pull-you.
 Big ones don’t seem to like the younger ones much yet.
Some day soon, hopefully!
 One of my new layers.  She was having fun scratching around!
 Found this egg on top of the hay bale today.
Also found an egg under the nest box.
Scavenger hunting for eggs! 🙂
Had 4 eggs so far today.
Yesterday was a 5 egg day!
 More of my other girls, most of which won’t be laying until next month.
 On account of Grace’s rooster “going away,” I decided to give
her my beautiful new hen.  She loves her so much and named her
“Princess.”  I just want her eggs. 🙂
Could she be broody?
She was sticking a plastic egg under her wing yesterday
and seems to enjoy setting on eggs if they are in there.
She’ll make a good momma come spring.