Recent Happenings

I’ve been terrible about writing lately.  I wrote a couple posts this past month, but mostly just for myself so I didn’t publish them.  Just journaling  some things that have happened and I’ll cover them a little in this post.

October was a rather busy month for us.  School has been humming right along and I feel as though I’m ready for a break, but part of me wants to push through until we’re done with the Pilgrim Unit in our Paths of Exploration.  The kids are really enjoying the Jamestown Unit.  A lot!

Read aloud time always ends in “Awww, we’re done reading for today?”  So I know they are enjoying the story and are learning history.  This past Friday we watched a video on Netflix about Jamestown.  It fit perfectly with what we’ve been learning and it was neat to actually SEE that they are finding so much from that time in history where it all happened.

There’s so much we need to work on and I am in need of a printer/copier really soon.  I actually have needed it for a couple weeks, but haven’t got around to getting it yet.  So many choices and I’m not sure which one to get.  Eric’s been looking at them too, but we just don’t know for sure.  Yet.

In the past month we’ve done some field trips and have been enjoying most school days.  I’ve not been doing our Spell to Write and Read like I’ve wanted/needed to.  The kids still need this, especially Ryan and Grace.  Nathan just loves it, so he will be happy to do spelling.  It’s his favorite subject.  He’s a lot like me.  He comes up with ways to remember how to spell difficult words.  It’s fun to see his mind at work.

In the past month I’ve had Nathan tested for diabetes.  His blood sugar test was at 100, so the doctor wanted to have him tested.  Thankfully he failed the 3 hour glucose test. 🙂  My stomach was in knots for days over it.  God bless those that live with Type 1 Diabetes all their lives.  It would have been  a total lifestyle change for all of us.  I’m thankful it’s one we didn’t have to make.

Yesterday (Nov. 3)  I ran another 5K.  The YMCA’s Turkey Trot.  It was a fun run, but it was cold.  Thankfully the snow had stopped.  Yes, it was snowing as I was driving into town yesterday.  I ran with my friend Faith and met her friend, Jen.  We started out together, but they definitely passed me!  I shaved 24 seconds off my first 5K time.  So I ran this one in 30:35 (my first was 30:59).  I’m incredibly sore today!  The last 2 weeks have been terrible as far as weather goes.  Very rainy and cold.  I did run a couple mornings in the rain.  This past week I only ran once.  I’m trying to talk my husband into joining the Y.  The kids would love to go swimming in the winter and it would be a nice way to get out of the house and do something during the long winter months.  Sometimes I feel so trapped up here on the hill with no where to go and nothing to do.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how short life truly is.  I’m nearing 40 years old . . . My husband is so not ready to be 40 (he’ll be there next year, I have a few more to go).  It’s so amazing how life just goes by so swiftly.  There were times growing up that life was so slow.  Just crawling by, so it seemed.  Now here I am, hardly able to do all the things I want to each day.  I am sure I could remedy that by prioritizing my days . . . Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.   I definitely need to apply my heart to wisdom.

My sister-in-law lost her mother this past week.  My heart just aches for her and her family.  They have the blessing of knowing that they’ll see their mother again in Heaven.  She was a woman that loved the Lord and told everyone around her about Him.  I had met her once or twice, but didn’t know her very well.  The family’s testimony and their mom’s testimony is one of joy in the Lord and knowing that they will have a reunion some day in Heaven!  What a day that will be!


It has been nearly a week since I started this post!  We have finished week 12 today and we’ll be taking a break from our Paths of Exploration while we wait for our new printer to come.  There’s always tons of printing and our current printer is a junkie freebie that is out of ink and is useless.  So we will wait!  Until our new one comes in (and I’m praying it’s by next  week some time) the kids will continue working on their math and we’ll do some lessons in Spell to Write and Read (which has suffered a lot this year, but is still really needed).

We got out our Thankful Board  from last year, and have been enjoying writing down something we are thankful for each day.  Today Grace was saying how she’s excited about doing the Jesse Tree like we did last year.  I’m thinking the kids can go out and find branches for the tree today. 🙂  It’s to be a beautiful day here – a beautiful weekend in fact!  It has been cold for a while, so I am looking forward to 60’s and sunshine.

My first official photo shoot is on Sunday!  Senior Portraits! 🙂  I will post some samples – eventually!  I’m both excited and nervous, but the young lady is excited to have her photos taken and I hope I can meet her expectations!   I had my 2nd photo class yesterday and totally enjoyed it!  Tracy is a great teacher, very patient and kind!  I’m thankful I bumped into her through the internet/blogging world!

Well, this is becoming a novel.  I have some photos of what has been going on lately and I will post them at another time.  This is being written from my netbook and the photos are not on here.



We’re Thankful

 Yesterday I was heading out for a run and heard a tractor nearby.
We have them around here, so it was a little surprising to
see one on our driveway.  Our neighbor’s dad was down at the
horrendous part of our driveway and was smoothing it out.
I didn’t want to go out and snap a picture of him without permission, so
I waited until he was all the way at the bottom and took the picture.
If you look hard enough in this first picture, you can see the tractor.
Anyway, he asked if it would be ok to go to the top and I said sure,
if you want to.  He graded our driveway down and it’s so wonderfully smooth
and looks sooo much better.  I’m pretty sure our vehicles heaved a huge
sigh of relief, too. 
 Pictures of our driveway really don’t do it justice.
It’s a steep, long driveway and it’s a great workout if you walk
down and back up again!
Walking up after a 2 mile run is killer.
Probably the hardest part of the workout.
Anyway . . .
I did get a picture of Eric driving up when he was
coming home from work yesterday.  He was like “Wow!”
That’s what I say! 
Thank you, neighbor, for your kindess and making our driveway
SO much better to navigate now. 
(not that he reads the internet or this blog or anything)

What a Night!

Tonight Grace and I were going to Butler.  We were going to get gas at Sam’s Club and maybe hit a store or two.  We left a little bit later than we should have, it was 7:30 pm.  We’re just driving along on 422 and I notice this guy on this bridge over 422 waving his arms and I was wondering “What on earth is that all about?”  You know how people can be on bridges sometimes and I was waiting for a rock to come through the windshield or for the guy to jump.  Both of those thoughts scared me!

I wasn’t totally paying attention to the road in front of me, but at the last second red brake lights were in my face and then next thing I knew we were screeching off the side of the road.  I don’t really remember what happened, but I remember our vehicle straightening up and we did not hit anything.  I’ve never made tire squealing sounds like that before.  Thankfully there was enough space between these two vehicles and I parked us there.   Then about 20 seconds later I hear more tire squealing behind us.  Amazingly another person, like myself, must have been distracted by the man on the bridge. 

We can’t figure out why there was no police or some flares or something way ahead of the accident to warn us, but thankfully there were no other accidents.

After a while, I turned off the car and Grace and I prayed for the terrible wreck that was about a mile ahead of us and thanked God for His protection and guidance.  I’m sure God kept us safe and guided us.  It happened so fast it’s mostly a blur, but I remember screeching tires and sliding and then getting into the line of vehicles.  Grace was worked up about us almost wrecking, too.  She keeps saying how glad she is that we’re ok and how thankful she is for God’s protection.  We are both thankful!

We don’t know if anyone was injured in the crash, but from our vantage point it didn’t look good.  I’m going to contine praying until I learn what I can about the accident. 

Thank. God. For. His. Protection.

Today’s Happenings (NaBloPoMo)

Nothing like waking up with a migraine!  If you read our Homeschool Blog, then sorry for the re-run about the headache stuff.  I’m pretty sure I had it from all the hacking away at weeds that were growing along our driveway.  My neck, back and arms are so sore today.  2 hours of lots of work – which I consider exercise. 🙂  Anyway, the tight muscles in my neck and back must have made my triggered the migraine.  The morning wasn’t fun at all and I finally did get to take some Excedrin Migraine after I ate some crackers and hot tea.

We had our easy day of school today because I had to go to the Ford garage to get our new key made.  I got there just before 11:30 this morning.  Figured I would be there for maybe an hour tops. Hahahahahahaha – if only!  2 and a half hours later I finally left with another key that didn’t work.  The key thingy wouldn’t hold the code.  It’s due to them not having a key (is it called a Fob?) that is the same year as the Escape.  So when it’s time for an oil change they said they’ll have it and we’ll be good to go.  Thankfully my migraine started leaving about an hour or so in to my stay at the Ford garage this afternoon.  Totally not my plan for today, but I did meet a nice older couple and we chatted it up for a while.

While sitting/dozing/zoning at the Ford garage I decided that we’re just not having school Monday or Tuesday.  I got to watch the weather and the next chance of rain is next Wednesday, so they say.  Monday and Tuesday are to be in the 60’s and I just don’t want to be stuck inside both of those days.  Maybe we’ll go on some type of field trip or just go to the park or hike at Moraine for some fun!

Now the kids are in bed and I’m soon to follow, but I’m trying to get a post in every day!

Since the kids and I are doing our Give Thanks board, I have been writing mine down on paper each day.
1. Thankful for my dear husband and 3 kiddos
2. So glad to have beautiful, sunny weather
3. Safety from an almost accident!
4. Thankful for hard work, exhaustion from that work and great sleep and a warm soft bed to enjoy the sleep!

A HUGE Thanks!

This was an anniversary
present – isn’t it great!?!
(for some reason I couldn’t get it to turn
like it should)
Then there’s this
awesome snow globe with a
place for a tea-light candle.
I’ve burned through 2 candles already.
I love it!
Thank You, Jessica!
You have been a wonderfully
super, fantastically awesome
Secret Sister this past year!

Your gifts and notes often brightened
my days and your prayers were appreciated
very, very much!!

Thank you, again!
God bless you in the coming

Thankful – Day #30

This has been a fun challenge – writing something I am thankful for each day! I missed 2 days out of the month because of busyness. I think I could probably write a book on everything I am thankful for in this life. God has seen fit to bless me with so much. I know I don’t deserve it, but I am thankful for His goodness and grace (undeserved favor).

“Grace is never just enough. Grace is always far more than enough.” Andy Stanley (page 8, The Grace of God)

Thankful – Day #29

Today I’m thankful for Buck Season! My husband and son, Ryan, went out early this morning. Ryan is so excited about hunting. They got some food and some hand/feet warmers and bundled up early this morning and headed out for Eric’s parent’s place. Eric and his brother searched out hunting places on Saturday morning and set up the blinds.

I’m praying my boys bring home some bucks! My mouth drools for deer jerky! We use the rest of the meat ground up for whatever. It does help keep food bills down!
One other thing I’m thankful for: Extra’s Dessert flavored gum. I’m not getting paid for this, this is just my opinion. Yesterday I had their Mint Chocolate Chip flavored gum – definitely takes away the sweets craving and is sugar free! The bad thing is the gum gets gross after a while – like an hour or so. 🙂 I have Strawberry Shortcake to try – maybe today.

Note to Self

NOTE: When going to feed the chickens, DON’T leave meat on medium high heat and think there’s enough liquid in the pan to prevent burning, especially when you end up visiting in the coop for a lot longer than planned.

I tried to save as much of the sirloin tips
as possible. What a mess!

Isn’t it beautiful?

This is after.
A lot smaller amount of meat, but it should work.

Alas, I had to bust out the beef broth.
Not overly thrilled with its flavor, but
I really had nothing left to do.
I threw in some onions and added sea salt and
ground up peppercorns.
It’s simmering now, so we’ll see how it eventually turns out.
Will add vegetables and dumplin’s later.
The thing to be thankful for in all this is that
the house didn’t burn down and I could actually
use some of the meat for the stew!

Thankful – Day #25/26

Grace coloring with some cousins.

Lining up to eat at the Mason Thanksgiving!

Fun crowd!

After eating we did some crafts.
I made a necklace.
I’ll have to post a picture of it.

My mom’s turkey and stuffing.
I dream about this stuff.
I love it!
She worked hard and we ate until we couldn’t
eat any more!

My son gently wrestled with my nephew
all evening long.
It was funny!

My one neice.
I want to steal her.
She is so adorable and funny.
Just like her aunt (me). 😉

Still at it.
Grace and Ryan are wrestling in the background.

My sister and I.
People used to think we were twins.
I don’t get it.
We hardly look like sisters.
We are 3 years apart
and our brother is in between.
I should’ve got a picture of my brother.
Obviously I did not.

So I guess I officially missed 2 days of Thankfulness. I thought about it last night, but it was late and I was exhausted from our busy day of eating and visiting the families.

So that is the first thing I am thankful for (for the 25th) – very nice day (albeit a rainy day) fellowshipping with family and eating until I was beyond stuffed!
2nd. Today (oh yikes, it is considered yesterday now) I am thankful for the day of resting up (sort of) after such a busy day yesterday. The hubby and I did some Christmas shopping today while the kids played at their cousin’s for a bit. The cousin is here spending the night. It’s very late (12:15) and the boys are still awake. They were in bed before 10:30 this evening, too. Poor things. They are going to be tired tomorrow.
Guess I can add Thankfulness – Day #27.
I am thankful for a LONG weekend! Just yesterday my husband told me that he and the boys will be buck hunting Monday, so no school! Yay! A day to plan and to be lazy (sort of). Maybe I’ll take Grace to see Tangled. 🙂

Thankful – Day #24

What to be thankful for today . . . .There are so many thing to be thankful for each day that I sometimes have a hard time deciding what to choose!

Today I am thankful for my hardworking husband! He still has his job and is good at what he does! I don’t understand much of what he does, but I listen to what he as to say and TRY to understand. 🙂 Mostly I just listen, especially when he has had a rough day.
My husband is my BEST friend. After almost 12 years of marriage (December 3rd is our anniversary) I love him more now than I ever did when we first got married! He is a supporting, loving man that loves me and our children so very much! He is funny, he is quiet (which is so opposite of me), he is strong, he is sweet (shh, don’t tell him, it’ll ruin his tough guy image). I’m thankful for Eric and for God bringing us together and for all the wonderful years He has given to us!
I love you, Eric!!