Photo Meet & Shoot


I mentioned on my photography blog about meeting a couple wonderful ladies that I met through a Mommytography blog.  Earlier this  year I had taken an online photography course from Tracy and

I met Kristal through the Mommytography blog and she often comments and sometimes leaves some tips/hints on my photography blog.

Most of these photos I had used on my photo blog, but decided to put them here in case someone doesn’t see that site.  I also added a few others.  This happened in mid-September.  Life got crazy and I haven’t been able to just sit here and write some blog posts.  I absorbed as much as I could from Tracy’s vast knowledge of photography and am ever so thankful that she was glad to share!  It was great meeting Kristal, too!  Both are homeschooling moms, so we have a lot in common.  We follow each other’s blogs and facebook and know each other that way.  It wasn’t a strange or awkward meeting.  Sometimes meeting someone for the first time is like that, at least it is for me, but there was no awkwardness.  It was so fun!  Some time during the long, cold winter I want to take the 2nd Mommytography class from Tracy.  It’s on my list of things to do! 🙂

    I know I mentioned this on your posts and in my other blog, but it was great meeting both of you!

365 – 190 & 191

 Took this last Sunday with my point and shoot.
Even did this while riding my own bike. 🙂
I had to do a macro shot of these while we rested on our bike trip.
I don’t know what they are, but they are neat looking!
This weekend has been so busy I haven’t had 
much time to get my D-SLR camera out.

{365 – 182-185} I’m a Bit Behind! :)

 Friday we were driving home from Ohio and the sun was setting behind us.
This was the best photo I could get.
I haven’t really had the chance to see some good displays, but
this is what I took on Saturday.
 Yesterday we took a day and went to Lake Erie.
This was a piece of driftwood that I just had to get a photo of!
I took a bunch of waves crashing on the shore shots.
I love how this one looks!
Whew, I finally got some photos up!
It has been a very busy weekend, but
it has been wonderful to spend time 
with Eric and the kids all weekend long!

Taking a Break {365-178}

Eric had the boys clean out this wagon we have that
attaches to our quad.  While cleaning it out they found some
old drywall and decided to take a few minutes for a couple 
games of tic-tac-toe.  I thought it was cute and ran for my
camera.  Of course, they weren’t playing anymore by 
the time I got there.  At least their games were still there. 🙂