It’s Late…

 And yet here I am writing a post.

I really enjoyed the weather yesterday. Beautiful, warm, and perfect. It’s been like that for a couple weeks now. Today Eric and I were talking, and I told him that I wish winter could be like yesterday all year long. haha  I dread winter.  Our driveway scares me, and I don’t like being stuck in the house all winter long.  *sigh*  Ok, I’ll quit my pity party now. 🙂

School has been going very well this school year. It’s been a little rough this week, but we did have a 5 day weekend and it’s always a little hard to get back in the groove after time off.

Trim Healthy Mama.  I just wanted to share the link in case anyone is interested in a new eating plan.  Some would say diet, but I say eating plan.  It’s basically a low glycemic plan that keeps carbs and fat meals separated.   Eric and I started eating this way in April. Eric does cheat, and cheat a lot sometimes, but I try to keep him on the straight and narrow.  That’s not always an easy job.  I’ve not lost a lot of weight, but I feel pretty good.  Eric has lost some, but seems to be at a stall right now.  I’m considering putting us on a fuel cycle (also in the book) for a few weeks.  We shall see.  I need to prepare for that! 🙂  Pinterest and the Trim Healthy Mama facebook groups are really helpful.

Well, it’s very late and I need to get to bed.  I’m a little rusty at this writing thing, but I am going to get back at it on a regular basis. Practice is always great! 🙂

DSC_3984 copyAnd just for fun, this is a Saddleback Caterpillar. I just found this the other day and thought it was super cool. I also learned that it has a very painful sting.


Why, hello!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted on this blog.  I’ve been toying off and on with the idea of actually blogging again and decided to at least write a little something today.  Some days I think, “yeah, I should blog about this or that” and then the thoughts go away. haha.  I generally spend a little time posting photos on my photography blog Em’s Photography Adventure (except for the last few days, ugh).

It’s been a very busy time since my last blog post – March of 2013!  Wow! 🙂  So much has gone on, and my children have grown so much!

We are stepping out of September and into October tomorrow!  It’s hard to believe how fast this year – 2014 – has gone.  I’m not sure which direction I’ll be taking with this blog.  Maybe just a journal of the family, of my journey and walk with the Lord, of just things I like to ramble about. It’s what I did before anyway. 🙂 I think I’ll just go with that! 🙂  My one friend requested that I start blogging about recipes that I make/try and share them, too.  That’s always fun! Lots of yummy goodness and lots of failures, too! lol

Until next time…


Stinkbug Eater. It Does Exist!


DSC_8029 DSC_8030 copy DSC_8031

This was a wonderful and surprising sight to see the other day.

I had my Stinkbug Burial Snow outside my upstairs hallway window and was surprised to see it gone

the day after I took the picture in the link.

Well, I was walking past and noticed this little birdie actually eating stinkbugs.

I didn’t think anything ate those nasty bugs.

Apparently if a bird is hungry enough in the winter, it will eat those things.

It’s a cute little birdie and, of course, I have no idea what kind of bird it is.

Should probably look in our North American Wildlife book and see if it’s there.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!?!?

Our New Year’s Eve was spent at Cabela’s.  Believe it or not, it was pretty picked over and the food was not that great for the price we paid.  It was a bummer of a trip!  The things Eric wanted were gone.  😦  BUT I was delighted to find a pair of winter boots!  I haven’t bought any in such a long time, so with the money “Santa” left for me, I purchased a pair!  Another thing I bought the day after Christmas was a new purse!  I have never paid so much money for a purse in my entire life, but I love my new purse – it has the glorious smell of leather.

DSC_7938 copy DSC_7936 copy DSC_7934 copy

We rang in the new year with a very sick husband/father.  He pretty much stayed in bed ALL week, except for Thursday, when he HAD to go to work.  He also went to the doctor’s while he was out that day.  They tested him for pneumonia and the flu.  Tested positive for Influenza A.   Eric ran some pretty high fevers, had aches, froze and sweat all week long.  It’s been a really rough week for him.  I’ve never seen someone have such nasty fevers for such a long time!

While the week has been spent battling sickness, I’ve been busy nursing Eric, and now Nathan, and taking care of chickens, laundry, etc.  Nothing overly thrilling.  I made chicken noodle soup twice this week.  Today I also made a huge stock pot of chicken stock because I was using my frozen stock all up.  We’re using it like crazy these days! It’s a necessity.  I’m getting good at making gluten-free noodles.  The family is crazy about it too.  Everyone eats at least 2 bowls, so my normal pot doesn’t last as long as it used to.  Kinda sad, but I’m glad they love to scarf it down and give rave reviews about it the whole time.

We’ve been reading through the Bible, starting on January 1st.  It’s going ok so far.  We’ll just keep pressing on!  I’m sure it’ll be hard, sometimes it’s hard already.  It’s all about priorities though.  That’s for sure! **Update since I started this post** We missed yesterday (January 6th),  and I decided to change reading plans.  I found one that isn’t so overwhelming for us and we’ll be starting that this evening (Jan 7th).

There’s been a tragedy in the family. . . well, it’s nothing that dramatic really.  Grace somehow lost her precious blankie between the boy’s bedroom and her bedroom.  We’ve searched both rooms and can’t find it anywhere!  She slept in the boy’s room on the floor the one night, took her blankets and pillow back to her room and has lost her little blue blankie!  There have been many tears over this thing.  It’s a mystery, really.  I just can’t figure out how it is missing!  There’s no where for it to have gone!

Speaking of battling sickness, both boys have fevers and so do I.  Nathan’s was super high yesterday, but seems to not be so bad today.  Ryan and I have low-grade fevers happening right now, along with aches.  I also have this awful, choking cough and my throat hurts from it.  The joys of flu season!  Thankfully it’s not the stomach flu!

So that is how our new year has gone, so far! 🙂  Eric returned to work today and I think he’s doing much better, thankfully!

My Infomercial Top 10

On Christmas I was chatting with my brother-in-law and somehow I ended up musing about some infomercials I had seen parts and pieces of.  I’m pretty sure he thought it was sad that I knew what these items were, but I can’t help myself.  The commercials always amuse me or even interest me!

Remembering that I made a post about infomercials last year I did a search and found it HERE.  I thought it was closer to Christmas, but it was actually in August of 2011.  Well, this year is almost over already and I didn’t do a top 10 this year!  What was I thinking?

These are in no particular order, just the top 10 in my book! 🙂   Watch the videos if you have time!

1.  Wax Vac.  We all need clean ears, right?  It’s such a strange thing, but maybe it’s more wonderful than cotton swabs.  I don’t know for sure.

2.  Forever Comfy Cushion.  This is something I might actually find useful.  I find most chairs, couches, and most other seating to be uncomfortable.

3.  Skin Tag Remover.  Nothing really good to say about this one, but the commercial always grosses me out.

4.  Magic Mesh.  It would be great if it would keep stink bugs out.  I hate stink bugs.

5.  Fix A Flop.  Because we all want to repair a $2 pair of flip flops?

6.  Red Fusion Heat Wrap.  I saw something similar to this at the mall a few weeks ago and was seriously close to getting one!  It’s a great idea and they do get really hot!  Would be great for neck and/or back pain or just something to warm up my hands and toes!

7.  The Dog Dicer, only because I was reading reviews for the Huntzler 571 Banana Slicer.  I can’t stop reading and laughing at the reviews for the Banana Slicer – take time to read a few if you need a good laugh!!  I’m not kidding!  The Dog Dicer seems similar to it for some reason. 🙂

8.  Hot Booties.  I have always wanted to put my slippers in the microwave. . .

9.  Brazil Butt Lift.  Always joke with my husband about getting this one.  😉

10.  Olde Brooklyn Lantern.  Something like this would actually be very useful if our lights went out.

There are so many other infomercials out there, but these are ones that have made my top 10.

Cheese Crackers

Yesterday I was busy trying a few new things in the kitchen and had 2 successful recipes!  I LOVE it when that happens!   I would love to link to the site I originally found this recipe, but it keeps saying there’s a server error.  I’m so thankful I printed it when I did!

Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Crackers


2 1/2 cups almond flour

2 cups grated extra sharp cheddar cheese

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking soda

4 Tbsp finely grated parmesan cheese

2 egs

3 Tbsp oil (original recipe call for grapeseed, but I used expeller pressed coconut oil)




* Mix together the almond flour, salt and baking soda.

* Add in cheeses.

* Add in the eggs and then slowly drizzle in the oil.

*  Beat slowly until mixture is doughy.  Should be mostly firm.

*  Half the mixture.   You can cook both batches or freeze one for another day.

*Place the dough in the center of a large piece of parchement.  Place another piece of parchment on top and using a rolling pin, roll from center outwards until dough is about 1/8 inch thick.

*  Trim around edges and/or cut through dough to make squares – a pizza cutter works well.

*  Top with an extra sprinkling of salt if you like extra salty crackers.

*  Bake aDSC_7492t 325 degrees for about 15 – 20 minutes until dough is browning and edges and middle are no longer moist.  Check often as ovens differ.  (I baked mine 10 minutes more, turning them over to make them crispier).

*  Let cool completely before breaking or cutting – at least one hour

** The site I got this recipe says Recipe by:  Greynonymous.  So Thank you, whoever you are, for this wonderful recipe!! 




DSC_7499 The finished product!  Delicious!  I was putting some cheeseball cheese on these!  Wonderful!


Another recipe I made is Paleo Apple Crisp.  So tasty!  I did make a couple subs – I used organic cane sugar in place of the muscovado sugar.  I also just used all pecans instead of the walnuts the recipe called for.  Don’t have walnuts, so that is the main reason, but I’m not really a walnut fan.  🙂

The only other cooking adventure I had yesterday was using my convection oven to bake frozen chicken breasts.  I love how they came out of the oven and even Eric said they were not bad and he is not a fan of chicken.


Still Wheat Free (mostly)

Yes, after the holidays and eating a little bit of bad stuff here and there, I have decided that I am going to remain wheat-free.  My belly can’t handle it anymore, it honestly can’t.  I thought “If I just eat a little here and a little there I’ll be ok.”  Yeah, not even close!   Eric – who doesn’t believe this kind of thing – has admitted (again) that it really does bother him too.

Food and meals are a frustrating thing for me.   I am trying to do better for us, but change comes hard.  We are a serial snacking crowd and it’s hard to get everyone on board.  It wouldn’t be so hard if the hubby fully cooperated, but he finds it difficult to do that completely, as he doesn’t “believe” a lot of things.  Me and my “hippy” ways humor him. LOL  I’ll just keep trying and definitely keep it up for myself.  My belly feels sick for days after I eat anything with wheat and even most grains.  It’s not a good feeling and tired of feeling so blah because of it!

Today I’m going to make some more almond flour.  That stuff is pricey,  but you can get a lot of almonds at Sam’s Club and just make your own almond flour/meal.  I found a bread recipe I want to try and a biscuit recipe I also want to try.  I had tried THIS biscuit recipe last week and while they were fluffy and nice looking, you could taste the coconut flour in them.  Eric has coconut radar and just couldn’t even eat them. It was the slightest hint of coconut, but enough to turn make him not want to eat them.  So I’m going to try that other biscuit recipe today.  While I miss bready things (a little), I don’t miss what it does to me!

Really I’m just trying to find some good recipes that are husband approved so MAYBE I can get him off ALL bad things.  Most likely not, but I can hope, right? 🙂

I must get busy making some almond flour and working on dinner.  Today seems like such a great day for some sirloin tip gravy over biscuits!











New Stove

Eric and I bought our first stove back in March of 1999 when we moved into a rental home, it wasn’t a new one.  It has been with all this time . . . until Saturday, when it decided to burn out an element.  It was pretty freaky to see the oven glowing inside, even after I turned it off.  It wasn’t until I unplugged it that the glowing finally stopped.  Last year we had oven issues around this time of year, had to replace the thermal gauge inside the oven.  It would burn the tops of whatever I was cooking and everything else wasn’t done cooking yet.  Anyway, it was a mess, but Eric fixed it.  He’s handy like that!  🙂  Some time  during the past year one of my burners on the top quit working, so I only had 3 burners and even they weren’t the best.

After Saturday’s oven glowing experience, we decided we’d go oven shopping.  Nothing like having to do this before the holidays!  But it was time and I was ready for  a new oven!  Saturday, Sunday and Monday were interesting cooking days since I didn’t have burners to even use.  I used a crock pot, griddle (it is part of this awesome waffle iron that I got many years ago), and microwave a little bit.  I hate microwave cooking, I really do.

Yesterday our new stove came and they hauled our old one away!  Set up the new stove and there it was . . . all nice and shiny, just staring at me.  I stared back at it.  To be honest, I was afraid of it! LOL  I’ve never had or used a brand new stove, so it was a little intimidating!

Anyway, here are pictures of my new stove and some of the things I’ve baked in it already! 🙂


It’s so nice and shiny!  I LOVE it!  It got a lot of use yesterday, its first day in our home!


The inside of the oven before I used it.  Then coconut macaroons are the first batch of cookies I made for my husband.  Not pictured are chocolate chip cookies I made for the kids and a butternut squash that I baked.  And then there are the pictures of the Gluten-Free/Grain-Free Almond Scones.  I was drooling and couldn’t wait for these things to finish baking!


The finished scones!  They are SO very good!  I ate a couple last night and one for breakfast this morning!

The picture of my arm is showing a boo boo I got from my new oven.  I burned it on the top rack putting something in yesterday.  Silly me!

Anyway, it has been so fun to have a new stove/oven!

Not sure what I’m going to make with it today, but I want to try out the convection part of the oven.

I have a chicken I want to throw in there – not one that is walking around my yard though. . .

PS.  My shiny appliances are waiting for their new kitchen to come . . . some day! 🙂

Homemade Sassafras Tea


My son got this sassafras root several months ago.  It was in the basement sitting until a couple weeks ago.  He’s been bugging me about making sassafras tea, so I had him go get the root from the basement and

clean it up.  We started simmering it.  It stayed in the pan for several hours.  The house smelled so good!  After a while, we decided the tea was finished and poured everyone a hot cup of tea.

It was so good!

We got about a gallon of sassafras tea from that one root.

Food Blogs

Food . . . we all need it, right?  Well, I’ve been educating myself on ways to eat healthier.   We don’t have the best diet, but that is something I’ve been slowly (or not so slowly if you ask Ryan) changing.   I knew our food choices weren’t the best and sometimes they still aren’t the best, but we are taking baby steps.

Eric and I went wheat free a little over a month ago.  Eric was really discouraged because he had gained weight and even counting calories wasn’t helping him lose anything.  I do believe I mentioned that story HERE.  He has lost 17 pounds as of this morning.   It’s amazing how much better I feel not eating wheat.  Not bloated or uncomfortable or blah feeling.

I joined a group on facebook called Food, Inc. Discussion Group – which I also mentioned in another post HERE.  I’ve enjoyed the women in this group that are all working on feeding their families healthier foods and making other things like cleaning supplies, laundry soap, etc.  So many wonderful ideas and great encouragement from all these wonderful women!

All of this to say that I wanted to share some of the sites that I have been browsing for healthy recipes, tips, hints, and any other information I can glean!

The Nourishing Home is a great place to start!  So many wonderful ideas and helps to get started on the right road.

Kitchen Stewardship  ALL kinds of great information.

GNOWFGLINS  “God’s Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In Season”

Gluten-Free Blog  just found this one, so I haven’t tried any recipes from here yet, but it looks interesting!

Queen of Quinoa  Lots of clever recipe ideas that involve quinoa! 🙂

Dashing Dish  also just found this site and I can’t wait to see what I can find on it, it came recommended to me by my friend!

Gutsy by a wonderful, very educated, young lady that I met through the internet!  She lives on this GAPS diet way of life.  Her site explains her health issues that brought her to this way of life.

Against All Grain is another new favorite site of mine.  So many great recipes for a grain free way of life!

Wheat Belly Blog that opened my eyes to what could really be hindering our weight and health issues.

and finally . . .

Wellness Mama  She has posts about natural living, healthy foods, and great recipes.

So these are most of my new favorite sites.  Now I have to change the way I make a menu, shop for food, and be more prepared to make REAL foods for my family.  It’s a lot to change, but it is for our health.  We are doing this with baby steps. . . even for the kids (very small steps for them).