1. Homemade Cream Cheese 2. Bag of snacks for chickens 3. Acorn Squash with apples baked inside 4. Princess Grace.  5. Soldier Ryan.  6 -8  Nathan using the leafblower and the guineas seeming to enjoy it.  They didn’t leave him alone while he was blowing leaves.  It was rather comical!


9. some poofy weed thing I think is pretty.  10.  Our Guineas with our neighbor’s guineas.  It was quite a convention.  11.  Spearmint leaves.  12. Grace’s eyes. 13. Staw with soap bubbles in and on it. 14. More pretty weed things.

15 & 16  My friend Faith’s husband took the pictures at the Turkey Trot – before Jen, Faith and I ran.  the last one is me crossing the finish line, 30:35 was my time. 🙂

17 – 19   I have no idea what my boys are doing in these photos, but I was just taking pictures of them while they were at the kitchen sink.  🙂

It’s Fowl around Here

My little guineas are growing up.  They are definitely getting uglier, but I think

it’s an ugly cute.  There is one definite leader that always squawks and follows

me around the yard if I am out there.  They like corn.  That’s the only thing

I can get them to eat.  They are not like chickens which will eat anything.

Well, I can’t say the chickens will eat anything.  They don’t like carrots and  onions. 🙂

This picture was taken Friday.

The birds were just out roaming around the yard eating bugs and grass.

It’s what they do most days.

Guinea Update

Friday night I forgot to latch the guineas in their caged in area.

They enjoyed the night on the platform and the freedom, too.

So I got to thinking that maybe I should let them out of the coop.


They were rather nervous about going outside.  The door was open for a while before even one stuck its neck out there.

Finally, they all came out to on the ramp!  They didn’t get off the ramp until a hen was trying to get in and lay an egg.

Once they got down they had some snacks and then they started flapping and running around.

They are so fun to watch!  All six of them move together in a group.  When they find something new and scary they

stick out their necks and turn their heads to study whatever it is.  It’s very commical!

Tonight they went into the chicken coop all by themselaves.  I am so proud! 🙂

I’m enjoying them and I think Eric is, too!  We did notice they are starting to lose their

feathers on their necks/heads and starting to get their “halloween masks.”


   The guinea babies are growing like crazy.  They are getting their grown-up feathers, though their heads are still pretty cute.  Eric said when they’re grown-up they look like they have Halloween masks on. 🙂  You should google Guinea Fowl images.  Some of them have the strangest heads!  We also learned the babies are called “keets,” so I learned something new this week.  I was just calling them chicks.  They don’t seem to mind when the chickens are nearby.  The chickens like to come and eat the food they knock out of their dish and don’t seem to really mind the babies either.  I’m sure it would be a different story if they were out of the cage though.  Chickens can be so mean.

   They love huddling in the grass, after they run around eating it like crazy, and resting.  If the sun gets them they are a lot like chickens and love getting some under their wings.  They also really love taking a dirt bath in the sand.  They just kept dusting and dusting the other day.  It was funny, we were moving them and they did not want to walk across the tarp the sand sits on.  Had to help them along.  Once they realized where  they were they just went crazy.   Raising poultry/fowl is pretty fun!  I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I do.

Bye-Bye June!

Where did June go?  This has been such a fast month!  I can’t believe how quickly the time is going.

The kids have been home for a week now.  We did lots of laundry and cleaning up after they came home and it took a few days to get all the laundry done.

While the kiddos were gone, a lot happened with me, too.  The lovely, elderly woman I was visiting each week  did some scary things, so her family decided it best to move her closer to them.  It really was best for her!  Her memory was getting worse and sometimes I was nervous to leave her after visiting.  Please pray for her and her family as they go through all the adjustments of her being in a home.  The blessing is that she is closer to her daughter and grand daughter now and they can see her often.  At least I got to spend a lot of time with her her last week here in PA.  🙂  I’m so thankful for the people God bring into my life.  For Rose, Linda, and Tiffany.  Such sweet people!

Grace had to visit the doctor’s on Monday.  She keeps having issues, but we are trying to figure out what is up.  She had a kidney test and thankfully it was negative.  Just waiting on a urine culture (I know, TMI).  She hasn’t been sick just gets some blood in her urine from time to time.  It’s so weird.

The boys have been put to work this week.  They are helping out their dad by digging a hole on the side of the basement that leaks every time we get a lot of rain.  The boys seem to like the work and it’s good for them to keep busy outside for a while.  They are learning the value of work. 

Grace also is working.  She helps me out in the house and garden and also scraping up chicken droppings that are always on the porches and sidewalks (she is also helping the boys because she wants to, as you can see in the photo above).

The guineas are growing up.  They are very noisy birdies, but still adorable.  I love how they stick together.  They are loving the sand in this picture.

On Wednesday I ordered the kid’s new school books for the coming school year.  We are using Trail Guide to Learning’s Paths of Exploration this year.  I’m excited about it and hope the excitement spills over to my children.

  The box came on Friday and I am so excited as I get more into the books, looking them over and seeing what is going to happen this school year.  The kids seem moderately excited about the new stuff they’ll be working on this year.  I am definitely excited!

When I started writing this post, it really was the last day of June, now it’s July 2nd.


No Kids!

 All 3 of my children are old enough to go to camp.
“FINALLY!” says Grace.
She’s wanted to go to camp for years. 🙂
 To top off her week, her cousin also was going.
From what I’ve heard they are having so much fun!
That does my heart good!
 My boys were excited about camp, too.
I think Nathan is still enjoying himself, but Ryan
is my homebody and has been homesick.
For that reason I won’t be going to visit this year.
Last year when I went, the boys wanted to come home that day.
They need to be away from their mom for a little while.
They will survive, even if it isn’t easy.
All 4 of them waiting to leave.
Or maybe they were waiting for Eric and I to leave. 🙂
And squinting in the very bright sunshine!
 I’ve been home alone most of the week alone.
Lots of critters around here lately.
The hummingbirds are tricky this year.
They are quite nervous and I can’t really get a good picture
of them just sitting at the feeder. 
Stomping moles has become my new hobby.
Ok, not really, but I did end up stomping on this one.
It just broke out of the ground and ran in front of me, so while
Eric was getting the pick axe, I decided to “stun” it with my foot.
Only I apparently stunned it to death.
Our mole count is 6 kills now.
Our yard is a disaster area.
 The baby guineas are doing pretty good.
They are growing lots and they love eating grass and bugs.
I fed them a bunch of cicadas the other day.
Some of the bugs were rather big, but that did not stop the guineas.
They had a blast chasing each other around trying to get it.
They are so fun to watch!
 Then yesterday when I was cleaning out their cage I just happened to
see this nest under the chicken coop!  I was wondering what on earth was
happening because I was only getting 5 or 6 eggs each day in the coop.
Well, here is a nest of 10 eggs (I had to throw one because it was cracked).
 I couldn’t believe it, but I am glad it was there and not in the woods!
 Eric spied this nest of baby birds last evening, so I snuck
out on the porch roof to get a better picture of them.
They wiggle A LOT and it’s hard to get a good picture of them.
They keep their little mama busy, that’s for sure!
My week of vacation has been busy, but good and relaxing, too!
Each day I’ve been studying I Corinthians 13: 1-3 using a Bible study
format that I got from Focused 15. 
My mornings have been really early and I am not by nature an early riser.
(this is before 6am early – I’m usually a 7-8am riser)
It’s great to be able to get up and have devotions and clean the house
and go running and not have to worry about waking anyone up. 
But I do miss the kids.
I miss their laughter, our talks, and even their fighting (just a little).
Running has been going great!  Today I actually ran 3 miles!
That’s the farthest run I’ve done to this point.
I did run 2.5 miles on Monday, but decided to push myself today.
The 3rd mile was a lot easier than the first 2, at least mentally. 🙂
My hip was starting to get sore, so I quit at 3. 
I’ve been running laps in our yard.  I’m pretty sure I’ve run around the house
about 5000 times between these last 2 runs. 
Our yard is pretty flat, so I could do it.
On Friday, a friend/neighbor and I are going running on our road!
I’m excited to go with her!
Tomorrow I’m going to hang out with my sista!
We haven’t had a sister’s day out in a long time, so this
will be so much fun. 🙂 

This and That

  We think this is a neighbor’s kitty.
It likes to come up the driveway, but keeps its distance from us.
It did catch a chipmunk the other day, so I don’t mind the visits.
This mole ended up having seizures and died.
This has happened twice now.
In fact, I tossed one down in the woods yesterday (still alive) and found
a dead one on top of the grass this morning.
They are destroying our front yard.   I’m not sad when they die.
 Last Friday evening we played Capture the Flag.
 Since we have 500 Nerf guns, we used them to “tag” the other
team.  If you got hit with a nerf bullet you had to go back
and touch your base.  Then you could continue playing.
 Eric took this picture of me.
Yes, I am a frumpy mess.  Socks and sandals even!
It was a fun game!
The kids talked about it (the game, not my frumpiness) the next day, too.
 Eric took this shot of Ryan. 
It’s a great shot!
 Lovin’ the baby Guineas.
 They really are adorable! 
We enjoy them a lot, so far. 🙂
 Yesterday we had smoke coming from the transformer.
I called the power company because I didn’t want anything crazy happening.
They came and trimmed the tree branches away from it and put my mind at ease.
I got my first set of Fiesta dishes!  They are SO pretty and I can’t wait
to get more!  My husband is all about buying American these days, and these
are indeed made in America.  You can get these at several different stores.
Mine are from Kohl’s.  You can also order them from their site:
I’m excited about the flamingo color, but it’s not at the store yet.
Pink is one of my favorite colors.
This week has been extremely busy.  Getting the kids ready for camp
sure is a lot of work.  They are excited about going for a whole week.
I’m glad they are excited, but can you believe I miss them a little already
and they haven’t even left yet!   They’ll have a great time, they always do. 🙂
Running has been going well.  I ran around our yard Wednesday.
2 miles = roughly 36 laps.  I did end up turning my left ankle a little
on one of the mole messes.  Today I took to the road for a mile.  Didn’t want
to overwork the sore ankle.  It really was a hard mile to run today, but I did it.
Eric has been keeping very busy at work!  His new position as supervisior
is very different than his other position (team leader or something like that), but
he seems to be liking the change of pace.  
Also this week I started studying 1 Corinthians 13 with a Bible Study I
ordered for my kindle from Focused 15 Bible Studies. 
Very good study so far!  It’s to help ME be able to study for myself.
Not that I don’t know how, but sometimes I just need a refresher.
This week the kids and I learned Psalm 128:1. “Blessed is everyone that feareth
the Lord;  that walketh in his way.”
Last week we learned Jeremiah 33:3.    I’ll work on something
next week, even while the kids are away at camp.

We Have Babies!

We got Guineas today!
Since we have a bad deer tick problem I figured why not.
They are so adorable right now and I’m so thankful for a friend that
gave them to us. 
Thanks, Barb!  🙂
You’ll see these babies a lot as they grow older.