I have been thinking about gardening already.  Figured it’s probably best to decide what I want to plant and how I want to go about gardening this year.  There are so many wonderful ideas on Pinterest and lots of helpful ideas.  Here are some of the links I’ve been haunting the last few days.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds  – I just love this company!

I printed this Garden Notebook – it’s free!

I’m thinking about raised beds for my garden this year and rain barrels to go with each of the beds.

My gardens mostly consist of green beans and last year potatoes.  I love them both a lot, but this year I wanted to grow a variety of foods that we can eat and can.  I just feel like we need to do this, especially given the way things are going economically.  I want to get canning more of our own fresh veggies.  It’s just better for us!    Anyway, I am looking into  this EarthTainer idea for growing tomatoes.  I always have the worst time with tomatoes!

This year I have to consider gardening with these wretched stink bugs and I found it interesting that Cornstarch is my gardening friend when it comes to these nasty pests.  I hate stinkbugs, just for the record.

Hopefully I’ll have a good harvest this year!  I want to make this Veggie Hod, also a pinterest find.  It looks like something I can actually make myself!

There’s also this Mini Greenhouse idea that I love!

Will I do ALL of these gardening ideas this year?  Not sure, but I would definitely love to try and get these things started.  My semi-green thumb needs some more work to have a productive garden that could actually feed us through a winter.


My Garden

 Took these photos from the upstairs of my house!
 I can zoom in pretty good with my new lens! Yay!

 Here’s spinach growing on my porch.  It’s so cute, for spinach.
 The herbs growing in pots on my porch.
I love watching the garden grow and look forward
to eating the good things that are growing in it. Yum!
Still need to plant a quarter of the garden.
Just not sure what’s going in there, but I know
it has to be growing quite well when it’s planted.

Recent Happenings

Have you ever had about 5,000 things you want to write about, and because you don’t know where to begin you just don’t do it?  That’s what has been going on with me lately.  I’m not quite sure where to start.

Life has been full lately.  Very full!

Our official last day of school was May 23rd.  We (especially myself) are SOOO glad to be finished!  Technically the kids still have some work in some books they have and will finish them over the summer.  We’ll save those for really rainy days or really really hot days.  Next is getting their portfolios put together and having their evaluations next Tuesday.  I need to get on that soon!

Last Saturday was the start to a very busy, but wonderful weekend!  We’ve had blueberry bushes for YEARS, but nothing has ever grown on them.  They are only just getting big enough really.  Maybe next year.  They are not pictured today.  However, last Saturday we went to a local farm and bought 4 blueberry bushes and 2 of them already have blueberries on them!  I am SO excited! 🙂 

They are now covered with mosquito net and it keeps the chickens and other birds from eating them.

The only bad thing is the chickens like eating the organic acid balancer stuff we put around the plants.  Silly chickens!  They don’t seem bothered by it and it’s hard to keep them out of it.
Before we planted the blueberry bushes we went out and did some running around to some local home stores looking for things we might need for some projects at home.  We didn’t get much, but we did enjoy some ice cream on the way home! 
Sunday we decided to go north to Lake Erie.  It was very hot when we left our house that day.  It stayed hot and sunny for quite a while, but the more north we went the clouds got thicker and darker.

 We continued on our journey anyway and thought we might drive out of the storms, but we did not.  It was a little sad at first, but Eric got the idea of going to Splash Lagoon.  Let me tell you, I enjoyed Splash Lagoon way more than I would have enjoyed the lake.  I just always cringe at swimming in the dirty water with all those fishy creatures.  My favorite part of Splash Lagoon is the Wave Pool.  I laughed hysterically like a kid getting pushed around by the waves.  So much fun!  Being that we swam and enjoyed the water slides I didn’t get any pictures.  I was worried about taking my camera in there.  It was hot and humid and the locker wouldn’t have had room for my camera anyway. 🙂

 While riding north we always pass this place and it always reminds me of the Dead Marshes from the Lord of the Rings movies.  I actually got a pretty good picture of them on Sunday!

On Monday, Memorial Day, we went to our town’s parade.  We always enjoy going!  Love watching the Veterans that sacrificed for our country, fire trucks, old cars, tractors, and the kids scrambling for candy that is thrown all over the place!

Grace’s candy pile and t-shirt.
Other highlights from this week . . .
Tuesday my brother and kiddos stopped by to get some eggs.  It was so nice to see him and talk to him for a while!  We’re both quite busy and don’t get to talk much.  In the afternoon I helped Rose spring clean the last 2 rooms of her house.  We have been working on 2 rooms each week.  I’m sure she appreciates it and she always gets right in on the cleaning!  🙂  I also went for a 1 mile run that day. 
Wednesday was busy, but I can’t remember why. .  . 🙂  Oh wait . . . I got a haircut!  My hair is like a straw factory.  I’m still letting my hair grow out to its natural gray color.  It’s always amazing how SLOW it seems to grow now that I’m not coloring it.  While keeping it blond it always seemed to grow SO fast and was hard to keep up with it. 
Thursday I ran 2 miles in the morning, finished my menu/grocery list, and then went shopping in the afternoon.  It was a very busy day! Took a long time to get everything cleaned up and put away.
Friday, that’s today! It wasn’t that today was really busy.  I went to a friend’s house.  She asked if I could feed her ducks while her family is away on vacation, so she was showing me where to feed them and all that.  Ducks are so cute how they waddle around. If we had a pond or something here I would get a couple.
Before she showed me around we had the most amazing conversation!   She is a woman that loves the Lord and has such a heart for others.  We talked and prayed and I cried my eyes out.   I just love her and am so thankful God brought our paths together. 
Sometimes when someone talks, you just can feel the Lord speaking to you through them.  It happens from time to time – at least it has for me.  That’s how it was today.   We talked of some personal matters that are near to our hearts and how God already knows the outcome to these situations.  She shared an incredible story of how God has moved in her heart and life and how He’s brought healing to her hurt heart.  I have much to think about and pray about and open my heart to God and His Word. 
You can read the Word and pray thoughtlessly.  I’ve done it SO many times.  It’s shameful and sad.  God just wants to talk to me and to listen to me and I’m pretty sure He wants me to just be still and know that He is God.  He has so much work to do in my heart. 
On another Bible topic, my friend Cindy and I FINISHED memorizing and reciting the book of Colossians today!  We’re looking forward to starting James in a month or two here!  I LOVE the book of James, and she and I are both drawn to this book, so it’ll be great to memorize with someone!  Over the summer I’ll be learning verses with my kids (at least that’s the plan) .  I downloaded them from Seeds Family Worship.  That site is full of wonderful things! 
God bless you all that have stuck with this crazy, long post! 🙂
PS.  I have to end this by mentioning that I FINALLY bought a new lens for my camera!  I’m super excited and can hardly wait until my 55-300mm lens gets here!  Yay!


 Eric tilled the garden one more time for me yesterday.
I love the smell of freshly plowed dirt. How soft if feels,
especially on the feet when it’s all warm from the sun!
 What I’m planting this year. 
It’s not much, but nothing much likes to grow
in our garden.
Potatoes are something new to try, as are the
Chinese Long Beans (green and red).
I may add a little more once I get this planted.
I also have 2 pots of herbs – dill, chives, parsley,
spearmint.  Also want to get more for another pot.
Basil definitely. 🙂
This picture has nothing to do with
this post about gardening, but Grace makes me laugh.
 She likes to strut around like a turkey, chicken, peacock, I guess?
❤  :)

Bugs and Garden

 Eric thought the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches needed
some time outside this evening.
It appears they enjoyed the outside.
 They are rather fast when they wanna be, so most
of my pictures of them are blurry.
They are in the same cage now, so who knows when
we might have baby cockroaches. 
The chickens are licking their beaks already. 🙂
 A couple years ago I started making this “barrel of doom”
and Monday we emptied the contents on the garden.
It was a mixture of pine shavings, chicken manure, vegetable peeling, straw,
and whatever other compostable stuff I felt like putting in there.
It smells so bad I can hardly stand going outside!
We’ve been hot here the past couple days, but
I will not open the windows to let the outside air in and
for that reason I am thankful for whole house air conditioning.
Otherwise it would stink really bad in the house.
Speaking of stinking IN the house.
Stink bugs are awful! 
They keep finding their way into our house and I don’t like them.
I just don’t like them.
I am not really a fan of bugs, especially stinky, biting bugs.
Guess that’s something you have to deal with living in the woods.
Isn’t the green in the pictures wonderful?
Spring is here and I do love it!
And that’s all I have to say about that. 🙂

Some Photos of My Sad Garden :(

Watering just isn’t helping that much, but I wish it did.
Maybe I’m not watering correctly?
It’s also been very dry (not much rain) and very hot.
We have had some very hot, humid days and I LOVE
when summer is like this.  I just feel bad for the garden.
My plans are to plant spinach and try some peas in the
cooler part of fall.  I have been drooling for fresh spinach, but
it grows best in cooler weather.
My cucumbers haven’t really started sprawling, but they
do have a few blooms on them.
I have 2 zucchinis growing on 6 plants.
For some reason my garden doesn’t grow them well.
I need to test the soil and see what it needs.
Anyway, enough of my garden woes. 
Just wanted to share how sad it is. 🙂

From the Garden . . .

Green Bean pickings from yesterday.
It’s kind of sad really, but my whole garden is sad.
It has been SO dry this summer and my garden is crispy
and growing so very slow.  Even watering with 
the hose doesn’t help a lot. 
I miss spinach.  It doesn’t grow well in very hot, dry weather.
I figured I will plant some spinach in August so it can grow in 
the cooler part of the year.  I hope. 🙂

Garden Update

 This is my entourage.  They follow me around the yard like dogs.
It has nothing much to do with my garden, but it’s a funny picture.
Funny to me anyway. 🙂
 The rows to the front of the picture are green beans.
Green at the back of the picture are peas and cabbages.
The 2 rows you can really see are spinach.
Then there’s the zucchini, tomatoes.
All these are in the front of the picture.
At the back of the picture are radishes (2 faint rows)
and you can’t see the cucumbers, but they are growing there.

Weekend In Review {365}

 Saturday was a day without rain, so we weeded the future garden plot.
It was so overgrown it needed weeded first.
 Then my wonderful husband tilled it!
 This is what the outcome was and I love freshly tilled
brown, soft earth!
 A little tree about to bloom.
 My blooming Azaleas.
 Another decorative tree about to bloom.
 The chickens love the freshly tilled garden.
The amount of worms and bugs they’ve eaten is amazing!
An apple tree blossoming in our yard.
It definitely needs to be pruned so we can enjoy the fruit.
For now, I’ll just enjoy the blossoms!
This is probably one of my favorites from the weekend.
Eisenhower and the chicks on a log catching some rays and preening.
I did, however, miss the BEST picture ever.
Eisenhower was out with the chicks and were scratching
over by this tree.  She was taking a dirt bath when our rooster
goes over to her.  He was scratching around in the dirt by her, 
then he sat by her and they stayed like that for a long time.
Of course, when I finally decided to get my camera another
hen came along and ruined the moment.  
The mama went into attack mode.
I just thought it was sweet how they were hanging out together.
I think our rooster misses his main girlfriend and they were
enjoying some quality time together.  She is totally ok with him
near the chicks, too.  It’s very sweet!
And that is my love story for today.
I’m super proud of our troops and what they
accomplished yesterday.  God is just and is in control
and I am ever so thankful for that!

Thinking About Gardening {365}

 These are seeds I bought for this year’s garden
and harvested from my garden last year (in baggies). 
The corn isn’t going to be planted in the garden, but
Ryan wants to make his own plot for the corn.
I told him he’ll have to make some kind of fence around it.
Should be interesting to see how he does!
I’m getting ready right now to plant my tomato seeds.
I have my egg shells prepared, just have to put soil, 
water and the seeds in there.
This has nothing to do with gardening, but the turkey fryer
is laying on its side because a bear knocked it over and was
licking it up last night.
I am rather sad about it because we boiled that down quite a bit, 
but ran out of propane.  *sigh*
So there goes my extra maple syrup for the year. 😦
We’ll do better next year, I’m sure! 
It was a rather large bear for our area.  I missed out on a picture 
because I couldn’t really believe my eyes or get my camera quick enough.