DSC_8033Grace thought my toenails needed painted.

She is quite right.  She should have painted my entire foot.

They are ugly feet.

DSC_8034 copy  She had a present wrapped for me for Christmas

and in it was the color she is applying to my toes.

DSC_8043 It’s quite the color on my oh-so-white feet.

BUT I am wearing it proudly on my feet because my daughter

thinks it looks really good. 🙂

DSC_8045Lovely toes. . .  I know you’re jealous. 😉

Blowing Out Candles

 He’s always so serious.
Totally loves his picture taken.
 My 11 year old.  We’re having fun kidding him that
he’s still 10.  Notice anything about the pie?
I managed to get a decent photo of him! 🙂
 He’s getting ready to blow out the candles here.
We had an unusual birthday “cake” and ice cream.
Cake was a partially eaten apple pie, lol, and zucchini bread.
Ice cream was what the boy really wanted.
Root beer floats were also an option.
He had fun doing this and it was fun to watch him with the
candles and partially eaten apple pie. 
Before I decided to use it as a “birthday cake” 
I had eaten 2 pieces of it as breakfast 2 days.
Poor kid.  
He didn’t seem to mind though.
It was a Happy Birthday for him! 
PS. I really do have a problem with apple pie. 🙂
I can’t control myself around it. 

Happy New Year!

 New Year’s Eve.
The big plans:
Stay up ALL NIGHT LONG and play the Xbox
and/or Nintendo DSi.

 Sorry for the blurry pictures.  I have problems using flash
nowadays. I just try to avoid it and my pictures end up looking very bad – no
matter how hard I try to stay perfectly still.
Grace isn’t sleeping here, but Eric was trying from time to time
to get her to relax and sleep by rubbing Grace’s head.
Grace actually stayed up later than Daddy. 🙂
 Mr. “I’m going to play the Xbox ALL NIGHT”
was asleep on the couch around 11:30. 🙂 
Funny story . . .he came upstairs around 12:15 or so asking for me.
I went out to the hallway to see him and could tell immediately 
that he was sleepwalking/talking.
He told me in his slumbering state “I . .. can’t find. . . my king . . .”
I told him it was ok and I gave him a big hug, then
told him to go potty and I’d get his blanket and pillow from the living-room.
When I came back upstairs, I asked him if he found his king
and he told me he did, so I tucked him into bed and he slept the rest of the night.
He sometimes worries me when he’s walking around in his sleep.
I just don’t want him to get hurt.
He seems to navigate the steps just fine, thankfully!
Grace wasn’t sleeping here, but it sure looked like it from this angle.
She stayed up until sometime after 1 (I think).
Nathan was the only one awake downstairs when I went to check before 1:30am.
I told him he could continue playing his DSi in bed.  He could then go to sleep
whenever he passed out – in the warmth of his bed.
It wasn’t an overly eventful evening here at the Strobel’s, but it was
fun to hang out with the family for a while.  

Husband Humor

Tonight after dinner my husband was snacking on one of those HUGE pickles. The following conversation took place:

Eric said, “You know, if these pickles had legs no one would eat them.”
So I pictured a pickle with legs and decided that “Yes, it would be gross and I probably wouldn’t eat it.”
Then Eric said, “Mice are only scary because they’re fast. If they were slowly lumbering along, no one would be afraid of them.” He also said, “If their ears were bigger and the tops of them flopped over a little everyone would think they were the cutest thing.”
What made him think of these things, I have no idea, but it was quite funny and I had to share it.

I Did It!!

This little beauty was run by me this evening!
Eric taught me how to use it so I could cut some wood
for our favorite chicken coop project!

I’m definitely not much of a carpenter. Can’t wield a good hammer.
Can’t hit a nail very well. BUT after cutting nailers for the walls
my husband informed me that I am NOW his favorite wife!
After nearly 12 years I am his FAVORITE!
(It’s a long standing joke)
I’ve been #2 and #3 for a LONG time, but this pushed me to #1!

This is the completed side, except for the chicken coop door.
There is an end in sight. We hope it is done soon! 🙂
Pray tomorrow is nice and sunny so we can get much done!

Grace’s Hair . . . and a few other things.

It was almost funny. Almost.
Then I realized I had to get these little buggers out of her hair.
Ummm, yeah, so I googled.

I didn’t really find much, but vegetable oil and a fine tooth comb.
This was for someone’s dog’s hair.
So I got some hair conditioner out and greased up the ends of her hair.
Most of them came out one by one.
The ones closer to her scalp needed help with the comb.

This was the hardest part of all.
But I have to say that Grace was ever so patient!
Of course, the alternative was a very short haircut and she
has been wanting to let her hair “get big” so cutting was out.

This is after. It’s so smooth and shiny again!
Mom and daughter were very relieved and thankful!
I need to look up what kind of weeds those things are.
They are a pain to get out of clothes, as well!

I have about 50 (not quite that many really) of these conditioners,
so I use them for all kinds of things.
It came in handy this evening!
The rest of the day I helped the hubby work on the cursed chicken coop roof.
I don’t really do much, but hand him supplies he needs. It does save him
trips up and down the ladder though, so that’s good!
We’ll both be glad when this project is DONE!
It’s still going to take some time to be completely done.
Again, thank you durango. 🙂
The hubby’s vacation started yesterday after work!! Yay!
He really needs the break from work and we need some family time.
We are planning on a couple fun things to do with the family in the coming week,
besides working on the chicken coop.
Along with the work outside, I have work inside, too.
I’m stressing about the first day of school!
I have the kids school curriculum lined up,
but the rest of the place is a mess!
I love spring cleaning the kitchen before school starts
so it’s all clean and shiny and smelling good!
That’s something I’m hoping so accomplish some time in the coming week.
Along with finishing some lesson prep.
Well, it’s late and I must get to bed.
I’ll try to blog from time to time in the coming week.
IF time allows!
God bless!

Look Out, Crickets!

Yes, this is a roasted cricket.
Why, you ask?

See this cute, smiling boy?
He WANTED to eat it. You heard right, Wanted to!
While watching Man Vs. Wild, good ol’ Bear said it was good.
Some other show, said Ryan, also said it was good and he wanted to see if it was true.
Being a bit squeamish, I didn’t think he would do it, so I didn’t worry.

I watched him with my camera on continuous shot.
This is his first nibble of said cricket

Not too bad, says the boy.
Then nibbles some more.

This is a “hmmm, what does this taste like?” shot.
I thought he would spit it out.
Or throw up.

But no, he was trying to describe its flavor after he thought about it.

Ta-da! “Yes, I really liked it!” See my HUGE smile.
And he would have done it again, if he could have found another one.
Thankfully, the crickets pretty much got out of there.

Not to be out done by his son . . .
Eric had to find a cricket and toast it on the fire, as well.
He couldn’t have his son say that he did something his dad wouldn’t do.
Eric admitted he would have never done it if Ryan hadn’t done it.

Chewing the cricket and trying to describe the flavor.
It is said to have a nutty taste.
I wouldn’t know because I didn’t eat one.
Thankfully they couldn’t find any more crickets!
Eric wanted me to eat one and I really am not that hungry.
The chicks like crickets, too, but they like them raw.
I would eat it roasted before I would eat one raw.
IF I would ever eat one. 🙂
A word to crickets, HIDE!

A new Grace-ism

While waiting for Grace’s Aunt Dawn (known as Dawnzi by mostly everyone) to get the kids yesterday we had this conversation.

Grace: Momma, when will Dawnzi get here?

Me: When she’s done running around.

Grace: How many laps?

Me: How many laps?

Grace: Yes.

Me: Explained that “running around” meant that Dawnzi was out running some errands and would be by to pick them up when they were all finished. Not running laps outside or at a gym. 🙂