It’s Late…

 And yet here I am writing a post.

I really enjoyed the weather yesterday. Beautiful, warm, and perfect. It’s been like that for a couple weeks now. Today Eric and I were talking, and I told him that I wish winter could be like yesterday all year long. haha  I dread winter.  Our driveway scares me, and I don’t like being stuck in the house all winter long.  *sigh*  Ok, I’ll quit my pity party now. 🙂

School has been going very well this school year. It’s been a little rough this week, but we did have a 5 day weekend and it’s always a little hard to get back in the groove after time off.

Trim Healthy Mama.  I just wanted to share the link in case anyone is interested in a new eating plan.  Some would say diet, but I say eating plan.  It’s basically a low glycemic plan that keeps carbs and fat meals separated.   Eric and I started eating this way in April. Eric does cheat, and cheat a lot sometimes, but I try to keep him on the straight and narrow.  That’s not always an easy job.  I’ve not lost a lot of weight, but I feel pretty good.  Eric has lost some, but seems to be at a stall right now.  I’m considering putting us on a fuel cycle (also in the book) for a few weeks.  We shall see.  I need to prepare for that! 🙂  Pinterest and the Trim Healthy Mama facebook groups are really helpful.

Well, it’s very late and I need to get to bed.  I’m a little rusty at this writing thing, but I am going to get back at it on a regular basis. Practice is always great! 🙂

DSC_3984 copyAnd just for fun, this is a Saddleback Caterpillar. I just found this the other day and thought it was super cool. I also learned that it has a very painful sting.

Stinkbug Eater. It Does Exist!


DSC_8029 DSC_8030 copy DSC_8031

This was a wonderful and surprising sight to see the other day.

I had my Stinkbug Burial Snow outside my upstairs hallway window and was surprised to see it gone

the day after I took the picture in the link.

Well, I was walking past and noticed this little birdie actually eating stinkbugs.

I didn’t think anything ate those nasty bugs.

Apparently if a bird is hungry enough in the winter, it will eat those things.

It’s a cute little birdie and, of course, I have no idea what kind of bird it is.

Should probably look in our North American Wildlife book and see if it’s there.

It’s Fowl around Here

My little guineas are growing up.  They are definitely getting uglier, but I think

it’s an ugly cute.  There is one definite leader that always squawks and follows

me around the yard if I am out there.  They like corn.  That’s the only thing

I can get them to eat.  They are not like chickens which will eat anything.

Well, I can’t say the chickens will eat anything.  They don’t like carrots and  onions. 🙂

This picture was taken Friday.

The birds were just out roaming around the yard eating bugs and grass.

It’s what they do most days.

No Kids!

 All 3 of my children are old enough to go to camp.
“FINALLY!” says Grace.
She’s wanted to go to camp for years. 🙂
 To top off her week, her cousin also was going.
From what I’ve heard they are having so much fun!
That does my heart good!
 My boys were excited about camp, too.
I think Nathan is still enjoying himself, but Ryan
is my homebody and has been homesick.
For that reason I won’t be going to visit this year.
Last year when I went, the boys wanted to come home that day.
They need to be away from their mom for a little while.
They will survive, even if it isn’t easy.
All 4 of them waiting to leave.
Or maybe they were waiting for Eric and I to leave. 🙂
And squinting in the very bright sunshine!
 I’ve been home alone most of the week alone.
Lots of critters around here lately.
The hummingbirds are tricky this year.
They are quite nervous and I can’t really get a good picture
of them just sitting at the feeder. 
Stomping moles has become my new hobby.
Ok, not really, but I did end up stomping on this one.
It just broke out of the ground and ran in front of me, so while
Eric was getting the pick axe, I decided to “stun” it with my foot.
Only I apparently stunned it to death.
Our mole count is 6 kills now.
Our yard is a disaster area.
 The baby guineas are doing pretty good.
They are growing lots and they love eating grass and bugs.
I fed them a bunch of cicadas the other day.
Some of the bugs were rather big, but that did not stop the guineas.
They had a blast chasing each other around trying to get it.
They are so fun to watch!
 Then yesterday when I was cleaning out their cage I just happened to
see this nest under the chicken coop!  I was wondering what on earth was
happening because I was only getting 5 or 6 eggs each day in the coop.
Well, here is a nest of 10 eggs (I had to throw one because it was cracked).
 I couldn’t believe it, but I am glad it was there and not in the woods!
 Eric spied this nest of baby birds last evening, so I snuck
out on the porch roof to get a better picture of them.
They wiggle A LOT and it’s hard to get a good picture of them.
They keep their little mama busy, that’s for sure!
My week of vacation has been busy, but good and relaxing, too!
Each day I’ve been studying I Corinthians 13: 1-3 using a Bible study
format that I got from Focused 15. 
My mornings have been really early and I am not by nature an early riser.
(this is before 6am early – I’m usually a 7-8am riser)
It’s great to be able to get up and have devotions and clean the house
and go running and not have to worry about waking anyone up. 
But I do miss the kids.
I miss their laughter, our talks, and even their fighting (just a little).
Running has been going great!  Today I actually ran 3 miles!
That’s the farthest run I’ve done to this point.
I did run 2.5 miles on Monday, but decided to push myself today.
The 3rd mile was a lot easier than the first 2, at least mentally. 🙂
My hip was starting to get sore, so I quit at 3. 
I’ve been running laps in our yard.  I’m pretty sure I’ve run around the house
about 5000 times between these last 2 runs. 
Our yard is pretty flat, so I could do it.
On Friday, a friend/neighbor and I are going running on our road!
I’m excited to go with her!
Tomorrow I’m going to hang out with my sista!
We haven’t had a sister’s day out in a long time, so this
will be so much fun. 🙂 

This and That

  We think this is a neighbor’s kitty.
It likes to come up the driveway, but keeps its distance from us.
It did catch a chipmunk the other day, so I don’t mind the visits.
This mole ended up having seizures and died.
This has happened twice now.
In fact, I tossed one down in the woods yesterday (still alive) and found
a dead one on top of the grass this morning.
They are destroying our front yard.   I’m not sad when they die.
 Last Friday evening we played Capture the Flag.
 Since we have 500 Nerf guns, we used them to “tag” the other
team.  If you got hit with a nerf bullet you had to go back
and touch your base.  Then you could continue playing.
 Eric took this picture of me.
Yes, I am a frumpy mess.  Socks and sandals even!
It was a fun game!
The kids talked about it (the game, not my frumpiness) the next day, too.
 Eric took this shot of Ryan. 
It’s a great shot!
 Lovin’ the baby Guineas.
 They really are adorable! 
We enjoy them a lot, so far. 🙂
 Yesterday we had smoke coming from the transformer.
I called the power company because I didn’t want anything crazy happening.
They came and trimmed the tree branches away from it and put my mind at ease.
I got my first set of Fiesta dishes!  They are SO pretty and I can’t wait
to get more!  My husband is all about buying American these days, and these
are indeed made in America.  You can get these at several different stores.
Mine are from Kohl’s.  You can also order them from their site:
I’m excited about the flamingo color, but it’s not at the store yet.
Pink is one of my favorite colors.
This week has been extremely busy.  Getting the kids ready for camp
sure is a lot of work.  They are excited about going for a whole week.
I’m glad they are excited, but can you believe I miss them a little already
and they haven’t even left yet!   They’ll have a great time, they always do. 🙂
Running has been going well.  I ran around our yard Wednesday.
2 miles = roughly 36 laps.  I did end up turning my left ankle a little
on one of the mole messes.  Today I took to the road for a mile.  Didn’t want
to overwork the sore ankle.  It really was a hard mile to run today, but I did it.
Eric has been keeping very busy at work!  His new position as supervisior
is very different than his other position (team leader or something like that), but
he seems to be liking the change of pace.  
Also this week I started studying 1 Corinthians 13 with a Bible Study I
ordered for my kindle from Focused 15 Bible Studies. 
Very good study so far!  It’s to help ME be able to study for myself.
Not that I don’t know how, but sometimes I just need a refresher.
This week the kids and I learned Psalm 128:1. “Blessed is everyone that feareth
the Lord;  that walketh in his way.”
Last week we learned Jeremiah 33:3.    I’ll work on something
next week, even while the kids are away at camp.

Bugs and Garden

 Eric thought the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches needed
some time outside this evening.
It appears they enjoyed the outside.
 They are rather fast when they wanna be, so most
of my pictures of them are blurry.
They are in the same cage now, so who knows when
we might have baby cockroaches. 
The chickens are licking their beaks already. 🙂
 A couple years ago I started making this “barrel of doom”
and Monday we emptied the contents on the garden.
It was a mixture of pine shavings, chicken manure, vegetable peeling, straw,
and whatever other compostable stuff I felt like putting in there.
It smells so bad I can hardly stand going outside!
We’ve been hot here the past couple days, but
I will not open the windows to let the outside air in and
for that reason I am thankful for whole house air conditioning.
Otherwise it would stink really bad in the house.
Speaking of stinking IN the house.
Stink bugs are awful! 
They keep finding their way into our house and I don’t like them.
I just don’t like them.
I am not really a fan of bugs, especially stinky, biting bugs.
Guess that’s something you have to deal with living in the woods.
Isn’t the green in the pictures wonderful?
Spring is here and I do love it!
And that’s all I have to say about that. 🙂

A Mole?

 The other day I was going to go outside to see Eric.
He puts his fingers to his lips and creeps ever so slowly to the
shed and pulls out the pick axe.  Then he creeps slowly back
across the yard. 
This was all before I had my camera ready, of course.
Just as I was getting my camera ready he swings and
something flings across the yard a bit.
It wasn’t hurt or anything, so he pinned it so it couldn’t escape.
It was hard to get a good picture of the mole.
Since it wasn’t hurt, we captured him and released him
down across the road from our driveway.
We’re pretty sure he won’t come back, but you never know with a mole.
It might have a network of tunnels all the way up the hill! lol
Our yard is quite trashed from the moles.
Guess we shouldn’t have too many grubs?

Yard Visitor

 My overexposed photo of the bear – this was after adjusting it some
inside my camera.  
(I’ll try adjusting it more on picnik)
 Much better.  
Thankfully the chickens aren’t outside yet.
I opened the upstairs window to get a better photo and it
was a squeaky window and it ran away quickly.

Chipmunk Whisperer

My husband has a new friend.  Cute little Chippy.
Chippy is not his real name, he doesn’t have one that I know of.
He (or she) comes over and stuffs his/her face full of whole corn.
Cleans off Eric’s hand completely in 2 runs.
Then he runs away. 
But he comes back waiting expectantly for more. 
He’s probably the wealthiest chipmunk around because
I think he/she also steals my chicken feed.
Guess he/she won’t starve over the winter.
So this is my husband’s new friend.
He is a chipmunk whisperer.  

It Has Emerged! {365-173}

 We had this since last fall and Eric opened it up because
we thought it was dead.  It wasn’t though.
Today I kept hearing this noise and here it is.
It was climbing up the screen in the little bug catcher cage
that it was in all winter.  
 Unfortunately I didn’t realize that it should have been put outside
and its wings did not fan out all nice and pretty.
This is from the face.  
We learned that it is a female Luna Moth.
There are many fascinating things about the Luna Moth
that my husband and I learned this evening.
We enjoyed our science class. 🙂