Lip Balm

Several years ago I made some homemade lip balm. It involved olive oil, peppermint, beeswax and honey.  It turned out ok, but I noticed my big container started leaving a nasty aftertaste on my lips after using it. Yuck!   I don’t know what caused the taste, but it was probably just due to it being old.

Well, last week I decided to search pinterest for different lip balm recipes and found one that I had all the ingredients to!  I was so excited! The recipe is found at Nourishing Minimalism. 

Here are the ingredients I used:

DSC_4894 copyCoconut oil is my favorite oil in the world. I love the smell and taste of it! I also love the smell of beeswax, so this was the perfect blend for me. 🙂  I didn’t put very much peppermint (about the amount called for in the recipe) in my lip balm. Just enough to give it a subtle hint of it being in there. I also didn’t have the lip balm tubes – something I need to order sometime soon, especially if I make any more.  The little containers I used are to store extra paint in and are not very good for lip balm. They are hard to get into. lol

So if you didn’t click on the Nourishing Minimalism link above, here is the recipe:

1/2 cup coconut oil (I used more and will use probably use 3/4 cup or more next time)

1 ounce bar of beexwax. I had ordered this from some time ago.

8-10 drops of the vitamin E oil

6 drops of the peppermint oil

I put the coconut oil and beexwax in a small pan and filled up my medium pan with hot water on the stove enough to float my small pan in and let the wax and oil melt in there.

DSC_4888 copy

Once it was all melted I added the peppermint and vitamin E oils and mixed it up with a whisk.  Once it was all blended I put the mixture in a pourable measuring cup and poured it into each little cup and my other container (that I’m keeping for myself).  I love it!

DSC_4890 copy (1)

I took this same recipe and switched out the peppermint oil with lavender oil (10 or more drops to smell delightful) and made hand lotion bars.  It really helps that dry winter skin on the hands.

Buttons, Buttons Everywhere


Mimi gave us some buttons a while ago, so we decided to go through them this morning.

We have lots of projects we can do with these thanks to Pinterest!


The bigger the “diamond” the better, of course!  Grace LOVES big and shiny, sparkly and glittery.

Those went right into her safe keeping box.


We have a lot of buttons. We have tons more in a tin that will also be used for projects.

Grace wants to make a button tree first.  Not sure which one, but there are a whole bunch of neat trees HERE.

So many fun ideas. . .

Craft/Gift Project and Garden Update.

Grace is making some little gifts in these pictures.
I got the idea from  my friend Kristin at her blog
She and her daughter made these gifts and they are just so cute!

 Grace kept putting off making them for a while, but I finally
got her to come and make some gifts with me!
 Toilet paper tubes, scrapbook paper, tissues paper, ribbon
and we wrapped candy and put them inside.
They are really cute and a fun, easy craft to make!

Our Resurrection Gardens are growing nicely!
Except for the tops of the hills. 
We are quite excited about them.
Ok, I’m probably more excited than the kids. 

Resurrection Garden

Creating our Resurrection Gardens.

 We all worked together collecting rocks and sticks.
And I mostly just took pictures. 

Self-explanatory, so I won’t drone on and on about what we did. 🙂
Can’t wait until we see them start growing!
There will be pictures then, too. 
A great way to end the school week
working together making these gardens.

Give Thanks

 This is the before . . . just cut the envelopes and
was measuring them on the tri-fold display board.
I figured the display board is easier to store.
I also found some fall looking paper and glued it on the envelopes.
 Grace and I painted it a tan color.
Not as bright as the white or dark as the brown would have been.
And ta-da, here is the finished product!
I’m so excited how it turned out.
The only thing I have left to do is cut the 150 pieces of
paper to put in all of the envelopes. 🙂  
In November we’ll be writing down something
we’re thankful for each day!
I’m so excited!

Weekend In Review

What a busy weekend!  There are days where I LOVE to be busy and other days, not so much.  This was a tough weekend because I was feeling rather miserable through most of it.  Headaches, exhaustion and other things I won’t speak of that are just a part of life.

Friday night after school we didn’t do anything really.  After cleaning up dinner, I sat and crocheted for quite a while.  I started my own piece to work on.  There are a few places where I am a stitch short or a stitch long (near the beginning – I thought it counted out right, lol).  Below is my work . . . I haven’t touched it since Friday.

On Saturday I did get containers out of the basement to put away Christmas stuff.  Meant to put away Christmas stuff for a while now, but just didn’t feel like doing it.  I also was tired of looking at it.  I started with the kitchen.  Removed hanging items and stacked everything in one place until yesterday. 
Around noon on Saturday we decided to go to the Gun Show that was a Days Inn.  It wasn’t really that impressive, to me anyway.  There are some really nice people there though.  This one couple has 3 dogs and they are CUTE!  2 pugs and a Doberman Pincher.   This lady also made all kind of neat jewelry and blankets.  Grace LOVED the pink horse blanket.  I should have got for her as an early birthday present.  
We left the gun show and ate at Pizza Hut.  Eric LOVES the stuffed crust pizza and we always think about our honeymoon when we eat it.  We bought one on our honeymoon and hauled it around in the vehicle that weekend, eating it whenever we were hungry. lol  Anyway . . .  from there we hit the stores!  Sam’s Club, Walmart, Game Stop, Target, K-Mart, Clearview Mall.  We were on a quest to find another PS3 Motion Controller for Eric.  There was only one in Butler, we found it at Game Stop at the mall.  We did buy other things along the way.  I got some badly needed socks and lounge pants.  🙂  It was an exhausting day, but it was better than sitting at home putting away Christmas decorations!  
Yesterday morning we went to church.  Great message on Walking with God.  Pastor is going through the Bible showing those that walked with God (not all of them – there are SO many).  It was a good message yesterday and I look forward to hearing more!  Like many other things, it’s a great way to start looking internally – checking out how my walk with God is.  My walk with God desperately needs work and the only way to do it is to do it!  Because  this weekend was so busy, I had to play “catch up” this morning with my Bible readings.  I’m reading though the Bible this year, as I think I mentioned in an earlier post.  
After church we came home and I had about 500 things to do.  Ugh, what an afternoon/evening!  I cut up our ribs and set them to simmer, then went to take care of the chickens.  They needed cleaned out and fed and watered.  I am relenting and buying the hens layer crumbles.  They just don’t like the pellets no matter how much I try to make them eat them! lol  They go and eat the younger chicks food if I leave the cage open.  So I have been mixing their food and just scattering the other food around.  They pick out the pellets and dump them everywhere on the platform.  They love cracked corn!  I’ve added that to their daily food intake.   
After the chickens, I came back in, cleaned up and finished cooking dinner.  Then finished putting away ornaments that no one really knew where they went.  It took until 7 to get the living room and kitchen all cleaned up.  Then I had to sit and plan the school week.  Last night I finished planning at almost 10pm.  I hate planning the school week on Sunday night.  Usually that happens on Friday after school, but I felt so yuk, that I didn’t do it.  With school planning finished, I played the PS3 with my hubby.  We played some games that came with the Move.  They were quite fun!

So here we are, it’s Monday.  It’s a little slow moving so far, but I think we’ll do fine.  God is so very good and I am thankful for today!

Little of This . . .Little of That . . .

 Grace had a natural “bump it” the other day.  
I have no idea why I took a picture of this really.  
At the time I think I thought it was funny. 🙂
 Grace took a picture of herself after a bath.
That explains her wet and messy hair (which she hadn’t
combed at this point).
 She has been obsessed with stuffing all her stuffed
animals in her clothes.  Great cushioning for jumping and 
not getting hurt while falling to the floor.  
Silly girl. 🙂 
 Ryan wanted me to get a picture of his find.
 Look at the crust of sugar!
 Nice fruit loop like cereal that was oh so tasty.
My mother in law brought over this square of crochet.
Not all of it.  I think the first 3 rows were done.
She showed me the single, double and triple crochet, but
MADE me learn the double crochet last night. 🙂
Surprisingly it was way easier than I thought – easier than the single crochet!
I did 3 rows (which did take me a while)and enjoyed myself!  
Thanks, Faith! 🙂  


I used my Michael’s gift card and got a My Crochet Teacher by Susan Bates and 4 rolls of yarn to get started.  I’m doing ok so far.  I can make a mean chain stitch!  Single Crochet, not so good, as the above pictures show.  I’m really not sure on the whole thing.  Not sure if I put it under 1 or 2.  I was watching THIS video last night.  Going to watch it again to see if it makes more sense this morning.  🙂

I learned how to do the Chain Stitch off THIS site (and from the book I have, too).
So after chicken duty and a couple haircuts for a couple boys, I will sit down and try some more.  🙂

Just adding THIS link as a reference for me.  Just found it and want to watch it in a bit.


This is what I was doing yesterday
and last night. The ends aren’t even
since I wasn’t counting, but the stitches
look way better than my first couple attempts.
I am having issues holding everything.
Not sure if I’m doing it the right way or not. It is enjoyable – even if it’s nothing much at this point in time. My kids keep asking me what I’m making.  I just tell them I’m practicing.