My Infomercial Top 10

On Christmas I was chatting with my brother-in-law and somehow I ended up musing about some infomercials I had seen parts and pieces of.  I’m pretty sure he thought it was sad that I knew what these items were, but I can’t help myself.  The commercials always amuse me or even interest me!

Remembering that I made a post about infomercials last year I did a search and found it HERE.  I thought it was closer to Christmas, but it was actually in August of 2011.  Well, this year is almost over already and I didn’t do a top 10 this year!  What was I thinking?

These are in no particular order, just the top 10 in my book! 🙂   Watch the videos if you have time!

1.  Wax Vac.  We all need clean ears, right?  It’s such a strange thing, but maybe it’s more wonderful than cotton swabs.  I don’t know for sure.

2.  Forever Comfy Cushion.  This is something I might actually find useful.  I find most chairs, couches, and most other seating to be uncomfortable.

3.  Skin Tag Remover.  Nothing really good to say about this one, but the commercial always grosses me out.

4.  Magic Mesh.  It would be great if it would keep stink bugs out.  I hate stink bugs.

5.  Fix A Flop.  Because we all want to repair a $2 pair of flip flops?

6.  Red Fusion Heat Wrap.  I saw something similar to this at the mall a few weeks ago and was seriously close to getting one!  It’s a great idea and they do get really hot!  Would be great for neck and/or back pain or just something to warm up my hands and toes!

7.  The Dog Dicer, only because I was reading reviews for the Huntzler 571 Banana Slicer.  I can’t stop reading and laughing at the reviews for the Banana Slicer – take time to read a few if you need a good laugh!!  I’m not kidding!  The Dog Dicer seems similar to it for some reason. 🙂

8.  Hot Booties.  I have always wanted to put my slippers in the microwave. . .

9.  Brazil Butt Lift.  Always joke with my husband about getting this one.  😉

10.  Olde Brooklyn Lantern.  Something like this would actually be very useful if our lights went out.

There are so many other infomercials out there, but these are ones that have made my top 10.


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