Still Wheat Free (mostly)

Yes, after the holidays and eating a little bit of bad stuff here and there, I have decided that I am going to remain wheat-free.  My belly can’t handle it anymore, it honestly can’t.  I thought “If I just eat a little here and a little there I’ll be ok.”  Yeah, not even close!   Eric – who doesn’t believe this kind of thing – has admitted (again) that it really does bother him too.

Food and meals are a frustrating thing for me.   I am trying to do better for us, but change comes hard.  We are a serial snacking crowd and it’s hard to get everyone on board.  It wouldn’t be so hard if the hubby fully cooperated, but he finds it difficult to do that completely, as he doesn’t “believe” a lot of things.  Me and my “hippy” ways humor him. LOL  I’ll just keep trying and definitely keep it up for myself.  My belly feels sick for days after I eat anything with wheat and even most grains.  It’s not a good feeling and tired of feeling so blah because of it!

Today I’m going to make some more almond flour.  That stuff is pricey,  but you can get a lot of almonds at Sam’s Club and just make your own almond flour/meal.  I found a bread recipe I want to try and a biscuit recipe I also want to try.  I had tried THIS biscuit recipe last week and while they were fluffy and nice looking, you could taste the coconut flour in them.  Eric has coconut radar and just couldn’t even eat them. It was the slightest hint of coconut, but enough to turn make him not want to eat them.  So I’m going to try that other biscuit recipe today.  While I miss bready things (a little), I don’t miss what it does to me!

Really I’m just trying to find some good recipes that are husband approved so MAYBE I can get him off ALL bad things.  Most likely not, but I can hope, right? 🙂

I must get busy making some almond flour and working on dinner.  Today seems like such a great day for some sirloin tip gravy over biscuits!











4 thoughts on “Still Wheat Free (mostly)

  1. I’m going to try some of the gluten free flours to see if it helps get the kids and Eric on board. They just don’t tolerate the nut flours and can taste them a mile away. I know WheatBelly says not to eat gluten free flours either, but I figure it’s better than eating gluten for people who refuse to eliminate those things. Another friend told me the King Arthur gluten free blend is really good. Maybe you could avoid it for yourself, but use it for a transition for Eric and the kids.

    • You know, that is a great idea! Sometimes it’s just so frustrating! My family would probably be ok with nut flours, but it’s coconut flour that they can’t stand. 🙂 Finding the right recipe is the hard part. I’m going to try those biscuits and bread recipes and see if they are a go or no go. Won’t know unless we try.

      I’ll look into that King Arthur blend. I also found some homemade gluten free blends that I’ve tried. I need to order more arrowroot starch and a couple other ones for the mixes.

      Let me know how your adventures go! I’ll keep you posted on mine! 🙂

  2. Have you tried rice flour? I know several people that either are allergic or have an intolerance to wheat. While the change is hard, it is doable (so I’m told). We both have our carbs which we love, so the change would be hard for us too. If I find good recipes, I’ll let you know.

    • I’ve tried brown rice flour. I need a better grinder because it has a funky texture. I bought it ground, but it’s not that fine. It is a hard change, that’s for sure! Once you do it though, and then try to do some light snacking you really can tell the difference. I am alway so miserable for days after I snack on something with wheat – my belly revolts! And yet I still torture myself from time to time! Of course, I always regret it and wonder WHY I did that! lol I love new recipes, thanks!

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