Mosaic 5K

  Saturday’s 5K was my very first run for a goal.  It was pretty fun!

This was me before, standing in the very bright sunshine.      I decided to be cool dorky and give a thumb up.

Yep, I’m ready to run. 🙂

My friend, Faith, and I before the race.

She makes me feel big! 🙂

We started out together and I hung in there for a while with her,

but she has done quite a few of these races this year and eventually got

pretty far ahead of me.

She finished a few minutes ahead of me.

Way to go! 🙂

While  running to the top of this hill (it wasn’t huge or anything) just before the halfway point,

I had to take a few walking steps because I got a side stitch.

That’s when Joanne, who was just behind me, said “You haven’t stopped yet, don’t do it now!”

So, I picked up my running pace again and she and I ended up chatting the rest of the race.

It worked out nicely because I’m used to chatting with my friend Liz as we run.

Joanne encouraged me to go faster at the end, so I did!

I barely did! lol I was SO tired!

Here are my stats:

42  (out of 72 runners)     5th place out of my age group –  F 30-39      30:59.2   10:00/M

So I now have some numbers to work with for my next 5K! 🙂

I felt pretty good after the race.  Was super thirsty and hungry, but not hungry enough for pizza.

While I really like pizza, it is not the first thing I wanted to eat at all.

I opted for a water bottle and a banana, and on the way home we went to Subway.

That was much more appealing to me!

I really enjoyed my first 5K experience and it was great to have a friend there who knows how those things go!

Bring it on Turkey Trot!


4 thoughts on “Mosaic 5K

    • You still did great running with a sore knee! It’s really hard when you’re not feeling the best physically. It is nice to run with friends! There are some days I run myself and some days I run with my friend and sort of neighbor (she just lives up the road from me about a mile). 🙂 We joke about running up to her place and maybe we will eventually. It’s a pretty huge hill to go up.

      Anyway, I am rambling! Honestly, rest up your leg (I took a 2 week break, but that’s just me). That seemed to be the only thing that really helped mine. Resting and not stretching too much before I run. I did it by accident the one day and was surprised how much better my knee felt with just a minute or 2 of stretching before doing a walking warm-up, and then the run.

      This is a very random response. 🙂 Have a good night!

  1. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! YOU are officially a runner! So proud of you. I remember when you were just buying your shoes with a goal in mind. Way to go!

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