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Food . . . we all need it, right?  Well, I’ve been educating myself on ways to eat healthier.   We don’t have the best diet, but that is something I’ve been slowly (or not so slowly if you ask Ryan) changing.   I knew our food choices weren’t the best and sometimes they still aren’t the best, but we are taking baby steps.

Eric and I went wheat free a little over a month ago.  Eric was really discouraged because he had gained weight and even counting calories wasn’t helping him lose anything.  I do believe I mentioned that story HERE.  He has lost 17 pounds as of this morning.   It’s amazing how much better I feel not eating wheat.  Not bloated or uncomfortable or blah feeling.

I joined a group on facebook called Food, Inc. Discussion Group – which I also mentioned in another post HERE.  I’ve enjoyed the women in this group that are all working on feeding their families healthier foods and making other things like cleaning supplies, laundry soap, etc.  So many wonderful ideas and great encouragement from all these wonderful women!

All of this to say that I wanted to share some of the sites that I have been browsing for healthy recipes, tips, hints, and any other information I can glean!

The Nourishing Home is a great place to start!  So many wonderful ideas and helps to get started on the right road.

Kitchen Stewardship  ALL kinds of great information.

GNOWFGLINS  “God’s Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In Season”

Gluten-Free Blog  just found this one, so I haven’t tried any recipes from here yet, but it looks interesting!

Queen of Quinoa  Lots of clever recipe ideas that involve quinoa! 🙂

Dashing Dish  also just found this site and I can’t wait to see what I can find on it, it came recommended to me by my friend!

Gutsy by a wonderful, very educated, young lady that I met through the internet!  She lives on this GAPS diet way of life.  Her site explains her health issues that brought her to this way of life.

Against All Grain is another new favorite site of mine.  So many great recipes for a grain free way of life!

Wheat Belly Blog that opened my eyes to what could really be hindering our weight and health issues.

and finally . . .

Wellness Mama  She has posts about natural living, healthy foods, and great recipes.

So these are most of my new favorite sites.  Now I have to change the way I make a menu, shop for food, and be more prepared to make REAL foods for my family.  It’s a lot to change, but it is for our health.  We are doing this with baby steps. . . even for the kids (very small steps for them).


2 thoughts on “Food Blogs

    • I love food and am trying to find healthier recipes and ideas for my family (Pinterest has helped me find a lot of these sites). I’ve had many meal bombs (in a bad way, lol) in the past few weeks, but I keep on trying. Some don’t turn out anything like the pictures and not everyone is enthused with the new meals. 🙂

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