Week 3 Done!

Last week and this week have been great weeks of school!  We are totally enjoying Paths of Exploration this year!  I am so thankful for the structure and a new way for my children to learn!  It is fun teaching, too!  I’ve been more excited about school than the kids are, as I may have mentioned before.  🙂

We are having fun learning about Christopher Columbus and doing all the interesting readings, projects, word studies, geography, history and all that goes with it.  I love the hands on activities and art times that are involved with the lessons.

One child still complains about how “long” school takes each day, but I remind this child that we aren’t doing anything else until our school work is done.  It doesn’t matter how LONG school takes! 🙂



Some of these activities are easy for Nathan, but I think he is enjoying school.   I just questioned him and he said “I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but it is different.”  Grace said she “enjoys and loves it.”   And Ryan said “it’s great.”  They all say they like how the curriculum is going somewhere and they are learning new things.  This does my heart good!

I was drawn to this curriculum and it has been such a blessing to me and to the kids.

The kids have also done great with their math.  A couple days this week they have been up early and working on some of their schoolwork!  Oh, how I love this!  I’m pretty sure it won’t happen all year long, but I’m certainly going to enjoy it while it happens!  I’ve been bragging about them within earshot and telling them how proud of them I am.

Ryan, my struggling reader, enjoyed reading Meet Christopher Columbus so much today that he went pages beyond the read aloud assignment.  This is an excellent thing for him!

I love homeschooling this year!


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