Wheat Free, Say What??

   My bloggy friend, Tracy, had a really good post about a week or so ago.   It was her openness about her issues with weight and how she’s tried so many different things to lose weight, but it just doesn’t go away.  She then shared a link in her comment section to Wheat Belly Blog.   Well, I’m not hugely overweight for my size, but I’d like to lose a few.  I wasn’t really thinking about myself so much while reading that blog link, but I was thinking about my husband.  He has had a hard time losing weight for years and I thought “Why not give this a try?!”   Of course, it was all well and good in my mind, but I didn’t know what Eric would feel about it.  So the morning after I read that Wheat Belly Blog, I texted him a message about going “wheat free” and see how we’d do with it and he agreed to it – amazingly!  
  My husband is very skeptical when it comes to anything like this.  🙂  He made a “deal” with me.  He said, “I’ll just not ‘believe in’ this and go along with it and you can ‘believe in it’ and we’ll both see how we feel at the end.”    Today marks our first whole week without wheat.  Well, we had 2 days where we did cheat . . . our son’s birthday was this past Friday, so we HAD to have a cupcake Friday and Saturday, lol.  Insanely sweet, but so good for a few minutes.   Eric says he doesn’t feel any better or worse not eating wheat.  I, on the other hand, do feel a little better.  Not as draggy and overstuffed and bloaty.  I lost nearly 5 pounds in the first couple days and I do believe it was water weight or something.  Eric has lost about 5 pounds, too.  He said he’s happy if he can lose weight and NOT exercise. . . work has been extra stressful for him these days and he hasn’t had the energy for much of anything else after he gets home at the end of his 11 hour work days. 
Right after we decided to go wheat free, I started looking online for wheat free ideas and recipes.  Of course, Pinterest has TONS of wonderful, tasty ideas. 
The almonds are soaking in water here.   I got the idea to make my own Almond Flour @ ADDICTED to VEGGIES:  How to make raw almond flour .  Don’t know if I did something wrong here or what.  She said the almonds will just pop right out of their skin after soaking them for 8 hours.  Mine soaked for, oh, a good 12 hours or more and none of my almonds just “popped” out of the skin.  I was very saddened by this.  My almonds needed peeled and my poor thumb nail got cuts underneath from the skins.  It was a painfully long process, too.  I had 3 cups of almonds soaking here.  They bloat up a lot, too.  It was not a fun experience for me. 
The next day I decided to dry them out in the oven.  They are still sitting on my counter, in a storage baggie, waiting for me to grind them in the blender.  I still am having trouble looking at them.  🙂 
We have a local organic food place and I’ve been there once before just to window shop.  Last week, I decided that since we are going wheat free, that I wanted to order some wheat free flours to substitute from time to time.  I ordered Brown Rice Flour, Spelt Flour, and Coconut Flour.  I’ve made a loaf of bread with the spelt flour in my bread machine.  It turned out ok, but is definitely different in texture than regular bread.  It was a no-go for Eric.  The coconut flour bags have recipes on the back, so I tried both of them.  One was brownies and the other was chocolate chip cookies.  If you like coconut flavor, you’ll like these wonderfully tasty snacks!  They are different in texture, but not grossly different.  They are Eric approved and he DOES like coconut. 🙂 
This whole “wheat free” eating is a whole new ballgame.  There are lots to learn and I’m always obsessed with something when I’m trying to learn it. 
Here are a couple other snacks I attempted.  The first picture is kind of a ‘larabar’ type snack bar.  I took dates, almonds, and craisins and blended them and mixed them together.  I put them in a long, skinny bread pan I have and put them in the fridge for a bit.  They cut easily and I put them in baggies and put them in the fridge.  Another recipe I want to try is Apricot Coconut Energy Bars.  I found it on Pinterest, of course.   The middle and last pictures are my attempt at Gluten-Free Quinoa Thins.  These were definitely tasty, but not that crispy of a texture.  I had taken my quinoa and put it in the blender to make it more powdery.  Little did I know even MORE powdery would be way better and probably cooking them on a regular cookie sheet instead of my Pampered Chef stone would be a better choice, too.  Or maybe leaving them in the oven a lot longer on the stone?  I don’t know for sure.  Guess I’ll have to experiment some more.  I put more quinoa in my blender and decided to sift out the bigger parts and just keep grinding.  I think I have 2 cups of  mostly ground quinoa now.  It was a long process and I’ve been hoarding it since. 🙂  I’m thinking I really want a vitamix or some really good blender or food processor.  My old Oster brand blender is great, but it’s just not as versatile as I’d like. 
The kids are not doing a “wheat free” lifestyle change at this point.  Ryan said, “Don’t take away my bread!”    I couldn’t help chuckling over that one.  I do joke that he is my ‘breadatarian.’  Some day I’ll get them weaned off the stuff (maybe), but for now I’m just happy they like fruits and vegetables and will eat them most of the time. 
Now I need to go shop for more vegetables!  They really do help fill you up.  We do eat a lot more protein and vegetables.  It’s sort of like an Atkins or South Beach type diet, I guess.  I’ll do updates from time to time about how things are going.  It has been an adventure to this point!  

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