12 Years Ago

Our first baby, Nathan, was born this day, 12 years ago.

It’s hard to believe that 7lb 8oz baby has grown so much

and is turning into a sweet young man.

Nathan was such a little baby (as far as our babies went).

Our new family.

Dear Nathan,

I pray for you daily.   I pray that you love God with all your heart, soul, and mind.    I pray for wisdom when it comes to guiding and directing you in the way you should go and giving you godly, sound advice when you need it.

I pray that your dad and I won’t mess you up too bad.   Isn’t this every parent’s fear??

Next year we’ll be officially entering the teen years.  These years frighten me, but God is here to guide your father and I.  I’m sure we’ll have our tough times, but I pray these times are also precious and full of good memories.

We were so blessed to become your parents, 12 years ago, on this night.  Becoming a parent truly changes everything.  Changes that are most precious!

Many, many wonderful, challenging, sleepless, frustrating, precious, endearing, sweet moments have passed through these brief 12 years.

I’m so proud of you, Nathan.   You have no idea!

I love you so very much,



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