Guinea Update

Friday night I forgot to latch the guineas in their caged in area.

They enjoyed the night on the platform and the freedom, too.

So I got to thinking that maybe I should let them out of the coop.


They were rather nervous about going outside.  The door was open for a while before even one stuck its neck out there.

Finally, they all came out to on the ramp!  They didn’t get off the ramp until a hen was trying to get in and lay an egg.

Once they got down they had some snacks and then they started flapping and running around.

They are so fun to watch!  All six of them move together in a group.  When they find something new and scary they

stick out their necks and turn their heads to study whatever it is.  It’s very commical!

Tonight they went into the chicken coop all by themselaves.  I am so proud! 🙂

I’m enjoying them and I think Eric is, too!  We did notice they are starting to lose their

feathers on their necks/heads and starting to get their “halloween masks.”


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