Chicken Dirt

   We (by “we” I mean I) usually use straw in the chicken coop, but my husband wanted to harness the power of the chicken poo we get, so the kids found me some awesome dirt that I have been using in the coop.  This is the 2nd week using dirt.  Chickens are by nature, dirty.  They bathe in dirt, lay in dirt and just love the stuff.  Eric was thinking, well, why not try to collect as much of the droppings as we can.  With straw it was hard to do because it would collect in there and it was hard to get out.  And I am not going to pick through it for the chicken “nuggets.”

Eric suggested dirt and I figured, “Why not?”  I would just scrape the poo off the floor when it falls through the straw anyway, so scraping it up with the dirt isn’t that much more work.

It works out just fine really.

 The coop always smells so nice when you put in fresh dirt.  I love the smell of dirt.  In the spring I look forward to the garden getting plowed just so I can smell the fresh dirt!  Anyway, the kids found this wonderful, gloriously brown dirt in the woods by a fallen, decaying tree.  I really want them to just dig it all up and put it in the garden next spring. 🙂

The chickens don’t really care what is in their coop to collect their messes.  As long as they have food and water, they are content.


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