What is Happening?

I started a post a couple weeks ago, but never finished it.  It was and is going to be  a good one.  It’s still swirling around in my mind, but I need time and quiet to write it.  And even a little more Bible study on the matter.  Can you believe it was started with questions from Ryan?  It’s amazing how deep that boy is and he asks really good questions relating to spiritual things.  It tied in so well to the message at church that morning as well.  I’ll save the rest of it for that post and share it once it’s written!

We’ve been enjoying these hot, hazy, lazy days of summer, a lot!  No real schedule, but I do self-impose things I do need to get done into some kind of time frame.  Thankfully, I do have the date August 1st to get paperwork in to the school district, so I am motivated to get a few things done for school.  Motivated a little, out of necessity.

The kids have been motivated by work this summer.  They are continuing to dig a hole by the basement  and are earning some xbox games in the process.  They are learning the importance of work, gaining strength, and having  fun playing in the dirt each day!

Last week I took the kids swimming twice. They absolutely LOVED it!   We went to Lake Arthur with some friends on Tuesday, and my friend (and running buddy) Liz invited us to swim on Thursday.  I didn’t/couldn’t swim on Tuesday, but the kids had such a great time at the lake with their friends and I totally enjoyed talking with Faith (her 3 kids are close in age to mine).  It was a great day of sun and water!  I’m thinking I need a beach umbrella . . .  🙂   On Thursday I got in and swam in the pool.  Oh how I love swimming in pools!

This pretty much describes me! 🙂

Running is going pretty good!  Liz and I have discovered that my Nike miles aren’t the same as real miles.  *sigh*  I’m a little sad about that!  According to my Nike sensor we are running 2.5 miles, but in reality it’s just a little over 2.  I like to pretend we are still doing 2.5 miles.  We like to run our “Nike miles.”  I’ve been dealing with a sore knee the past couple weeks.  Learned it wasn’t really my knee, but my IT Band (it’s on the outside of my knee).  I started doing some squats and lunges the other day and not stretching as much – I really stretch A LOT before running most days.  Yesterday’s run was great because I didn’t have any pain at all before, during or after the run!  It still feels fine today, too.  Don’t know if it was the exercises (which I’m going to continue doing) that have started helping or if it was the ibuprofen I took before we ran.

School preparations have started a little here.  I’m getting paperwork ready for the school district, so it’s forcing me to do some things for the school year.  I started printing student notebooks for Paths of Exploration yesterday.  I’m thinking that maybe ordering the ones already printed might be the way to go after all!  I only printed Grace’s pages for the Columbus Unit, so far.  Still have to print Ryan’s and Nathan’s.  I need to buy stock in printer ink and computer paper.

There aren’t any pictures on this post because I am writing this on my netbook.  All the pictures are on the big computer – the big computer handles them way better than the netbook does.   I do have pictures – always! 🙂


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