The guinea babies are growing like crazy.  They are getting their grown-up feathers, though their heads are still pretty cute.  Eric said when they’re grown-up they look like they have Halloween masks on. 🙂  You should google Guinea Fowl images.  Some of them have the strangest heads!  We also learned the babies are called “keets,” so I learned something new this week.  I was just calling them chicks.  They don’t seem to mind when the chickens are nearby.  The chickens like to come and eat the food they knock out of their dish and don’t seem to really mind the babies either.  I’m sure it would be a different story if they were out of the cage though.  Chickens can be so mean.

   They love huddling in the grass, after they run around eating it like crazy, and resting.  If the sun gets them they are a lot like chickens and love getting some under their wings.  They also really love taking a dirt bath in the sand.  They just kept dusting and dusting the other day.  It was funny, we were moving them and they did not want to walk across the tarp the sand sits on.  Had to help them along.  Once they realized where  they were they just went crazy.   Raising poultry/fowl is pretty fun!  I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I do.


2 thoughts on “Guineas

  1. I hope you enjoy your guineas. My parents have some too. They are fun to see running around as they look so unique. They can be noisy though! I didn’t realize that the babies were called Keets. Thanks for that info!

    • Yes, I hope we enjoy our guineas, too! Ours are still making the baby chirpy noises, but every once in a while their grown up voices come through – especially when they want to be in the coop. 🙂 I think they are still adorable now, but I do think they get ugly when they get big. My main purpose for getting them is for the ticks we have around here. I’m always worried about ticks and Lyme disease, especially since 2 of my 3 kids have had it (still have it since it’s always in their system).

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