No Kids!

 All 3 of my children are old enough to go to camp.
“FINALLY!” says Grace.
She’s wanted to go to camp for years. 🙂
 To top off her week, her cousin also was going.
From what I’ve heard they are having so much fun!
That does my heart good!
 My boys were excited about camp, too.
I think Nathan is still enjoying himself, but Ryan
is my homebody and has been homesick.
For that reason I won’t be going to visit this year.
Last year when I went, the boys wanted to come home that day.
They need to be away from their mom for a little while.
They will survive, even if it isn’t easy.
All 4 of them waiting to leave.
Or maybe they were waiting for Eric and I to leave. 🙂
And squinting in the very bright sunshine!
 I’ve been home alone most of the week alone.
Lots of critters around here lately.
The hummingbirds are tricky this year.
They are quite nervous and I can’t really get a good picture
of them just sitting at the feeder. 
Stomping moles has become my new hobby.
Ok, not really, but I did end up stomping on this one.
It just broke out of the ground and ran in front of me, so while
Eric was getting the pick axe, I decided to “stun” it with my foot.
Only I apparently stunned it to death.
Our mole count is 6 kills now.
Our yard is a disaster area.
 The baby guineas are doing pretty good.
They are growing lots and they love eating grass and bugs.
I fed them a bunch of cicadas the other day.
Some of the bugs were rather big, but that did not stop the guineas.
They had a blast chasing each other around trying to get it.
They are so fun to watch!
 Then yesterday when I was cleaning out their cage I just happened to
see this nest under the chicken coop!  I was wondering what on earth was
happening because I was only getting 5 or 6 eggs each day in the coop.
Well, here is a nest of 10 eggs (I had to throw one because it was cracked).
 I couldn’t believe it, but I am glad it was there and not in the woods!
 Eric spied this nest of baby birds last evening, so I snuck
out on the porch roof to get a better picture of them.
They wiggle A LOT and it’s hard to get a good picture of them.
They keep their little mama busy, that’s for sure!
My week of vacation has been busy, but good and relaxing, too!
Each day I’ve been studying I Corinthians 13: 1-3 using a Bible study
format that I got from Focused 15. 
My mornings have been really early and I am not by nature an early riser.
(this is before 6am early – I’m usually a 7-8am riser)
It’s great to be able to get up and have devotions and clean the house
and go running and not have to worry about waking anyone up. 
But I do miss the kids.
I miss their laughter, our talks, and even their fighting (just a little).
Running has been going great!  Today I actually ran 3 miles!
That’s the farthest run I’ve done to this point.
I did run 2.5 miles on Monday, but decided to push myself today.
The 3rd mile was a lot easier than the first 2, at least mentally. 🙂
My hip was starting to get sore, so I quit at 3. 
I’ve been running laps in our yard.  I’m pretty sure I’ve run around the house
about 5000 times between these last 2 runs. 
Our yard is pretty flat, so I could do it.
On Friday, a friend/neighbor and I are going running on our road!
I’m excited to go with her!
Tomorrow I’m going to hang out with my sista!
We haven’t had a sister’s day out in a long time, so this
will be so much fun. 🙂 

2 thoughts on “No Kids!

  1. Wow, a week with no kids… that would be so quiet. We just have no boys this week as they are both at camp and it has been different.

    Great job on the running! Keep it up!

  2. Awesome! We're still waiting for our one hen to start laying eggs. And my kids are not old enough for camp, yet. Here's to 'a couple more years.'

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