This and That

  We think this is a neighbor’s kitty.
It likes to come up the driveway, but keeps its distance from us.
It did catch a chipmunk the other day, so I don’t mind the visits.
This mole ended up having seizures and died.
This has happened twice now.
In fact, I tossed one down in the woods yesterday (still alive) and found
a dead one on top of the grass this morning.
They are destroying our front yard.   I’m not sad when they die.
 Last Friday evening we played Capture the Flag.
 Since we have 500 Nerf guns, we used them to “tag” the other
team.  If you got hit with a nerf bullet you had to go back
and touch your base.  Then you could continue playing.
 Eric took this picture of me.
Yes, I am a frumpy mess.  Socks and sandals even!
It was a fun game!
The kids talked about it (the game, not my frumpiness) the next day, too.
 Eric took this shot of Ryan. 
It’s a great shot!
 Lovin’ the baby Guineas.
 They really are adorable! 
We enjoy them a lot, so far. 🙂
 Yesterday we had smoke coming from the transformer.
I called the power company because I didn’t want anything crazy happening.
They came and trimmed the tree branches away from it and put my mind at ease.
I got my first set of Fiesta dishes!  They are SO pretty and I can’t wait
to get more!  My husband is all about buying American these days, and these
are indeed made in America.  You can get these at several different stores.
Mine are from Kohl’s.  You can also order them from their site:
I’m excited about the flamingo color, but it’s not at the store yet.
Pink is one of my favorite colors.
This week has been extremely busy.  Getting the kids ready for camp
sure is a lot of work.  They are excited about going for a whole week.
I’m glad they are excited, but can you believe I miss them a little already
and they haven’t even left yet!   They’ll have a great time, they always do. 🙂
Running has been going well.  I ran around our yard Wednesday.
2 miles = roughly 36 laps.  I did end up turning my left ankle a little
on one of the mole messes.  Today I took to the road for a mile.  Didn’t want
to overwork the sore ankle.  It really was a hard mile to run today, but I did it.
Eric has been keeping very busy at work!  His new position as supervisior
is very different than his other position (team leader or something like that), but
he seems to be liking the change of pace.  
Also this week I started studying 1 Corinthians 13 with a Bible Study I
ordered for my kindle from Focused 15 Bible Studies. 
Very good study so far!  It’s to help ME be able to study for myself.
Not that I don’t know how, but sometimes I just need a refresher.
This week the kids and I learned Psalm 128:1. “Blessed is everyone that feareth
the Lord;  that walketh in his way.”
Last week we learned Jeremiah 33:3.    I’ll work on something
next week, even while the kids are away at camp.

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