Youth Field Day 2012

 Learning about bees and beekeeping.

 Tug of war was so fun to watch!
I love how the adults got in on it with the kids.
 Eric even got a grass stain on his pants!
Unfortunately this team lost both times.

 Grace was having a great Stylin’ Saturday.
Totally using this picture to link up this week with

There were lots of Strobel winners this year!
My 3 and then 3 more from Eric’s family that were there, too.
We always have a great day, but it’s very long.
Very Long Day!
7:30am until after 4pm this year.
But it’s worth it to see my kid’s smiling faces!

2 thoughts on “Youth Field Day 2012

  1. Yep, I am following you on Raising Little Rubies! 🙂 I saw you made the change last night.

    Youth Field Days was pretty fun! You should see if your state has that kind of thing. In PA a lot of counties has it – I can't say each county for sure. It's a really good thing! We haven't missed it and they do it rain or shine.

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