Serenda Adoption Fund

** I want to share this.  Lori is like a sister to me and I am so excited that she and Dave will be adopting 2 precious little girls from Malawi.  Below is the girls’ story:   

Serenda Adoption Fund: The Story of Joy, Faith
Several years ago, a lady named Chrissie came to Good Samaritan. She would go to different villages and set up clinics so that people could come and  and get medical treatment. Through one of these clinics, Chrissie had a woman brought to her with a medial need. It was at this time that she first laid eyes on two very cute twins. Chrissie could tell that these twins were not getting the proper care they needed and it was heavy on her heart. When Chrissie returned back to the states, she began to send different things to Thandie for the twins. Thandie would go to the village and deliver the items. This went on for a while. 
As time passed, Thandie heard that the twin’s mom had another child. Chrissie was returning to Malawi and had a friend interested in adopting the child. By the grace of God, the mother gave up the 4 month old little girl and the adoption process was begun immediately. The little girl was named Savannah-Hope and at 4 months old she only weight about 5 lbs. The mother was not willing at that time to give up the twins. 
After about 6 months, the adoption for Savannah-Hope was complete and she was brought to the states to live with her new family. Chrissie continued to send items to Thandie for the twins that were still in the village. 
In December 2008, Thandie made a visit to village to see the twins. Thandie could tell that if the twins didn’t receive help they would not live through the rainy season. The girl’s condition had worsened and they were not getting food to eat. The villages were hit hard with famine and if there isn’t enough food the children are the ones to suffer. 
A couple months earlier, the twin’s mother had passed away and the girls were not living together. The girls were living with different grandmothers who were trying to take care of them. Word was brought back to Chrissie that if something didn’t happen these girls would starve to death. Many things were thought and prayed about but Thandie made the final decision. The girls must be brought to Good Samaritan if they were going to have any chance at all to survive. Chrissie was providing all the financial support for the girls at this time. 
In January 2009, the girls made their arrival at Good Samaritan. Two caregivers were hired for round the clock care for the girls. At three years old, Faith weighed 24lbs and Joy weighed 19lbs. They were suffering from severe malnourishment. Their little bellies were very large due to worms. Faith came down with Malaria. Both girls were very ill and in bad shape. As the months progressed, they began to improve and three years later, they are doing great! 

Lori and I will be traveling to Malawi in July to get our girls and bring them home to America. We have committed $20,000 to the adoption but due to high cost of travel and the need to be in Malawi for up to 8 weeks we need to raise additional funds to help cover some of the cost of the adoption. Please consider helping Joy and Faith come to America. Please feel free to post on your facebook, blog, tweet, or any other social media thing that may be out there.


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