Weekend in Review

 This was taken from my driveway.  Our home
nestled in the woods.  I love it here!
 Friday evening we burned a bunch of junk.
 It was quite the fire, too.
We kept a couple buckets of water around just in case
it got out of hand. 
Thankfully it didn’t! 🙂
 I got a different angle on the fire.  I love taking photos of fire.
Played with shutter and aperture for these photos.
This was Friday, and on Saturday I worked on cleaning out
the fire pit.  It was a mess, but I wanted to use it to cook!
 On Saturday Eric made the base of a wagon.
We had a metal one, but it gave up the ghost.
Serious holes, rust, and just an old mess.
 Here it is turned over. 
Eric wants to put sides on it soon.
 But Saturday we (well, I was watching and photographing)
wheeled it over to the fire pit area.
Then we enjoyed a wonderful campfire cookout!
It was such a wonderful evening with the family. 🙂
I love our times around the fire.
To finish cleaning out our fire pit area, we have a bunch of trees
we need to burn. Then I’ll push mow it.  Then we’ll move the picnic
table over to this area and give it a good scrubbing. 
The  chickens like to use the picnic table as a perch/poo collector
in the rainy weather.  Ewww.
At least they don’t go by the fire pit area.
Sunday we hung out at home.
I planted a row of potatoes.
And that was about all I did that day.
In the evening we went to this place called
Jordan’s Ice Cream. 
They have the BIGGEST ice cream cones.
It was a good Sunday dinner. 😉

I love Spring and Summer!


One thought on “Weekend in Review

  1. I love your photos, Emily! They are so inviting and the memories you are making for your kids are things they'll tell their grandkids about. THAT, my friend, is living! Awesome stuff. 🙂

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