We’re Thankful

 Yesterday I was heading out for a run and heard a tractor nearby.
We have them around here, so it was a little surprising to
see one on our driveway.  Our neighbor’s dad was down at the
horrendous part of our driveway and was smoothing it out.
I didn’t want to go out and snap a picture of him without permission, so
I waited until he was all the way at the bottom and took the picture.
If you look hard enough in this first picture, you can see the tractor.
Anyway, he asked if it would be ok to go to the top and I said sure,
if you want to.  He graded our driveway down and it’s so wonderfully smooth
and looks sooo much better.  I’m pretty sure our vehicles heaved a huge
sigh of relief, too. 
 Pictures of our driveway really don’t do it justice.
It’s a steep, long driveway and it’s a great workout if you walk
down and back up again!
Walking up after a 2 mile run is killer.
Probably the hardest part of the workout.
Anyway . . .
I did get a picture of Eric driving up when he was
coming home from work yesterday.  He was like “Wow!”
That’s what I say! 
Thank you, neighbor, for your kindess and making our driveway
SO much better to navigate now. 
(not that he reads the internet or this blog or anything)

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