Homeschooling This Week

I had a plan on Monday.  No, I MADE a plan on Monday.  We followed that plan on Monday.  We haven’t followed the plan since and I’m pretty comfortable with that.

Tuesday we watched “Between the Folds” on Netflix.  A documentary about origami.  Then we made some fun things afterwards.  Youtube is a great place to find all kinds of origami ideas and helps!  We made star boxes and “ninja stars.”  Though a friend of mine that lives in Japan says they are “pin-wheels”  called “Shuri Ken.”  🙂  I love learning new things and shared this with the kiddos.

Yesterday we started to watch “Food, Inc.” on Netflix, BUT turned it off after a bit.  I think it was distressing the kids (especially Ryan), so I made them put something else on.  I will definitely be watching it when I have the time.  Seems very interesting!  Anyone else ever watch it? Anyway, the kids decided to watch “Being Elmo.”  It was a neat behind the scenes, documentary type movie about the fellow that is behind the puppet Elmo.  Puppeteering seems to be a very interesting career path and hard thing to get in to – especially on the professional level. 

Today was decided to play Scrabble.  We didn’t keep score today, but it was fun to help each other make words and we had a lot of laughing and fun times.  Admittedly, it did get harder to keep everyone focused near the end, but we did finish! 

 Grace knew a word here and was hiding her excitement!
 Ryan was deciding what word to make and use.
 We have an odd assortment of stuff surrounding us on the floor.
 Ryan thought it would be funny to turn his letters around and have
no words to make.
 At the time I took this picture I didn’t really think about
the arrangement of my letters.
I do humor myself sometimes. 🙂
This is the board when we were finished.
Nathan was the only one with a letter left – it was “V.”
Each morning we listen to Keys for Kids online and I’ve been reading The Hobbit  out loud to them.  Let me just say that reading Tolkien out loud is not easy!  I stumble through a lot of the descriptions.  I also think my eyes are getting older and I may be needing reading glasses.  Crazy, isn’t it?  Anyway, the kids are interested in the story since part one of the movie will be coming out in December. 
They haven’t opened any books since Monday.  Tomorrow Ryan and his cousin will be working on their CAT tests (yes we are late) and getting that out of the way!  Nathan and Grace will be kept busy with other things at this time. 
Next week I think the kids will work in whatever books they have left and probably do a field trip or two in there.  I’m enjoying the not so crazy schedule thing now.  Not that our schedule was really crazy this week anyway . . . 🙂 
Have a blessed day, all!

3 thoughts on “Homeschooling This Week

  1. You're such an encouragement to me in your posts. You're not fancy, showy (if that's a real word– LOL), you're REAL and it's so obvious the contentment and love God has blessed your family with. You truly inspire me, Miss Emily 🙂

  2. Robin, you are so sweet! 🙂 I'm truly thankful God had our paths cross through a blog hop! You are a blessing and encouragement to me, too!

    As far as my writing goes, I have been thinking about it lately. I was thinking about my writing style and topics of my posts. I was thinking about how maybe I should be more this or more that, but maybe just being me is what I should just continue doing.

    God definitely knows my heart and knows I struggle – especially spiritually these days. It seems I go through ups and downs, but I guess that is normal, right? I love God and am so thankful for all the blessings He gives to us. We are so blessed! And undeservedly so! And I know we take it for granted so often.

    Thanks so much for your friendship and for you! God bless you, Robin!
    You're in my prayers!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful week! Right now I'm so caught up in finishing that fun has been thrown out the window which makes me sad. Your post is an encouragement to keep going!

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