Bugs and Garden

 Eric thought the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches needed
some time outside this evening.
It appears they enjoyed the outside.
 They are rather fast when they wanna be, so most
of my pictures of them are blurry.
They are in the same cage now, so who knows when
we might have baby cockroaches. 
The chickens are licking their beaks already. 🙂
 A couple years ago I started making this “barrel of doom”
and Monday we emptied the contents on the garden.
It was a mixture of pine shavings, chicken manure, vegetable peeling, straw,
and whatever other compostable stuff I felt like putting in there.
It smells so bad I can hardly stand going outside!
We’ve been hot here the past couple days, but
I will not open the windows to let the outside air in and
for that reason I am thankful for whole house air conditioning.
Otherwise it would stink really bad in the house.
Speaking of stinking IN the house.
Stink bugs are awful! 
They keep finding their way into our house and I don’t like them.
I just don’t like them.
I am not really a fan of bugs, especially stinky, biting bugs.
Guess that’s something you have to deal with living in the woods.
Isn’t the green in the pictures wonderful?
Spring is here and I do love it!
And that’s all I have to say about that. 🙂


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