A Mole?

 The other day I was going to go outside to see Eric.
He puts his fingers to his lips and creeps ever so slowly to the
shed and pulls out the pick axe.  Then he creeps slowly back
across the yard. 
This was all before I had my camera ready, of course.
Just as I was getting my camera ready he swings and
something flings across the yard a bit.
It wasn’t hurt or anything, so he pinned it so it couldn’t escape.
It was hard to get a good picture of the mole.
Since it wasn’t hurt, we captured him and released him
down across the road from our driveway.
We’re pretty sure he won’t come back, but you never know with a mole.
It might have a network of tunnels all the way up the hill! lol
Our yard is quite trashed from the moles.
Guess we shouldn’t have too many grubs?

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