Beef Stew from My New Cookbook

This was what we had for dinner tonight and it was sooo good!
It definitely got 5 out of 5 stars from my family.
Last Saturday I impulsively bought the new The Pioneer Woman
My April/May menu is mostly based off this cookbook.
I just got tired of trying to figure out what to make, no one would give me ideas,
 and there are so many delicious recipes in this book that I decided to just use it!
This recipe is on her website, too, so I’ll just link you THERE .
Mostly because I’m too lazy to write it all out.
There are leftovers and I may make it into Shepherd’s Pie
or some type of pot pie for dinner tomorrow evening.

One thought on “Beef Stew from My New Cookbook

  1. OOOOH I have both of her cook books!!! I have to say – the first I like much better. It is more recipes I will use. And a fun read!

    The second is nice. More invite guests over for a special occasion type book and much less filler stuff to read. Guess since it is a cookbook I shouldnt complain that it is more like a cook book. 🙂

    I have NEVER made anything I have not loved or got a gazillion good reviews on from her. I see things I wouldnt like … but I dont make those ones.

    We should host a – everyone who has a pioneer woman obsession like I do – make something from her recipes – potluck get together!

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