Eric and I made these donuts on Sunday.
Here is the link to the Glazed Old School Donut recipe we used.
Until then . . . they were Oh So Good! 🙂
Eric did all the hard work with the dough.
The first few pictures are of him working the dough. 🙂
He cracks me up.
Oh, do I love him! ❤

3 thoughts on “Donuts

  1. @Robin, Surprisingly making the donuts wasn't that hard and I think anyone can do it! The glazing process was easy, too!

    @Kristin, mixing the dough didn't really take that long – maybe a half hour or so total. Eric really did good at mixing it with his hands (I don't have a stand mixer). We let the dough sit in the pan, on the stove (with the oven on for some warmth) for about an hour. After that we (Eric really) got the dough out and rolled it out, cut the donuts and let them rise on cookie sheets for a couple hours and in the evening I cooked them in hot oil in a shallow cast iron skillet. I'm sure you could use a deep fryer with no problems. Frying them all up probably took about a half hour. I glazed them while hot, then again when they were cooling off.

    How's that for an answer? 🙂 If you have any questions you can email me or message me on facebook!

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