Recent Happenings

 Ryan found a really neat rock this week.
It has lots of cool fossils on and in it.
This was on my photo blog the other day.
 Grace has been up and running around more this week.
I’m ever so glad! 
She’s had almost one whole week of not being sick!
 My Christmas cactus is blooming again.
There was a single bloom several weeks ago, but
it decided to go all out this time!
I love the pretty colors.
 The chickens are still doing their thing.
In this picture they are deciding what to think of the
crows that are sitting on a stump to the left.
See ’em?
At least Patch is doing his good rooster duty and looking
out for the girls.
 I love this dogwood tree. 
The blossoms are almost completely open now.
 This is a turkey taking a dirt bath in the field behind our house.
The kids got a kick out of it.
They are easily amused. 🙂
The ferns have started growing and they smell sooo good!
You know spring is here when this happens.
I love spring!
Especially when we have warm days like the last 2.
School is going ok.  It’s getting near the end and I’m ready to be done!
We had a full week of school this past week and got some work finished up.
Nathan is now finished with his math book and nearly done with his grammar.
Ryan still has 3 weeks of his math left.
Everyone is going to continue working on spelling lessons until the end.
For the last few weeks of school we’re going to try doing more nature study
for science, and work on writing. 
Anyone else love packages in the mail?
I love ordering from the internet and having boxes come
to the house or post office!  Today we got coconut oil
from Tropical Traditions.  I love coconut oil! So many uses for
that awesome stuff!
Well, I gotta run, but that’s been our week, mostly.
Take care,

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