My NEW Favorite Things

Right now I am thankful for a few of my NEW favorite things:
 Paper towels. 
We’ve used several rolls of these the last couple
days.  They make cleaning up some messes so much easier.
 Ice Cream Buckets.
They are the fashion rage around our house lately.
Everyone gets to carry one around.
It does help cut down a little on the paper towel usage.
 They are best friends with their buckets now.
You really can’t know how weary I am of us being sick.
I am so worn out and still recovering myself.
While up last night, no it was early this morning, waiting for someone to be sick,
I decided to get online. I was looking for a recipe for homemade gatorade
or something like it and came across THIS RECIPE and figured I would share it
just in case anyone else might get this nasty stomach flu. 
The kids are sipping it little bits at a time and seem to like it just fine.
This week has been a dud in the school department, but it can’t be helped.
Who wants to do school feeling this bad?  Not us!
I guess it’s our unofficial “spring break.”  Now if only we can get better
and stay healthy long enough to finish the school year in mid-May! 

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