Running is going well right now, I think. 🙂  I almost had to restart since last week I had headaches and just couldn’t even think about running.  I ran for a good 4 minutes today before I had to walk it off for a couple minutes.

I was doing the Beginners Running Program I found on pinterest, until today.  Yesterday I finally got a Nike + chip for my Nikes and can sync it with my husband’s ipod touch.  My total time for today was about 35  minutes and figured out that I ran/walked 2 miles total.  I had to set up an account with Nike + and next time I run it’ll be doing the mileage one.  I did the 20 minute timed one today.

Looks like it’ll be cooler and rainy for a couple days early this coming week.  I’m not sure when I’ll be running. It might end up being Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday this week, guess we’ll see!  One other thing I got at the flea market was a headband earmuff thing.  I used it today and it did keep my ears warm.  I can’t stand having cold ears.

Running isn’t something I’m totally in love with, yet, but I do like being outside getting my exercising done.  I get tired of doing the same thing all the time and this sure will help with that!

How are you other runners doing?  Is it normal to feel as though your lungs will explode after running for a while (say 4-5 minutes for a beginner)?  That does go away, right?  Am I running properly when I have abdominal muscle pain from running – not muscle pain that feels like something is torn, just that they’ve been worked out in a good way?


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