Flea Market Finds

 I got 5 boxes of k-cups for my Kreuig for a really good deal!
$31!  The Dunkin Donuts isn’t a box, the bag is just behind the stuff.
I got the big box of tea because I haven’t tried any tea to this point.
 I got 2 of these shampoos for $1.00. 
They are sulfate free and my hair feels so nice
and soft today from using it! 
If we go back again, I’m totally looking this guy up to
get some more (if he has it or is there).
I and the rest of my family got terrible sunburn on our faces.
I didn’t think to pack the sunblock, duh!
This picture even takes away from the redness of my nose.
My poor kiddos and husband are all fried, too.
Funny how you can get burned in 50 degree weather.
I need to keep a small sunblock in the car all the time.
Did I mention the dirt there was horrendous? 
It made us all gross and nasty feeling.
My hair was so matted that I was sure we’d have
to get out the scissors.  I’ve never had my hair so bad
that I could barely get a brush through it.
We were quite grungy, tired (we left home just after 6am), but
had a wonderful day!
Some family favorites we always get out there are:
Smoked Cheddar Cheese blocks, meat sticks (SO good!),
onions – my husband and son really like eating the cheese
and onions together.  I just can’t do it.  The onions would kill me.
Anyway, we also get some candy and gum and whatever
other good deals we see that strike us at the moment.
I priced washboards and crocks (love them both), but they were all
pretty expensive.  Must be the hot items these days and
I think they were all in competition with each other.  Shopped
around to see what the going prices are for those things.
While there I carried my camera around, but I just could not
get it out and take pictures because it was so dusty and dirty.
There was a nice layer of dust on everything, everywhere.
On the way home we stopped at HHGregg in Boardman, Ohio
and were not impressed at all.  I mean it was crickets in there
and there wasn’t really much to choose from.
No wonder the parking lot was mostly empty!
We decided to visit the Best Buy close by and felt
much more at home.  Yesterday I bought my chip for my Nike
and a case to carry the ipod in while running.  Now I just need to get
something to listen to it while running. 🙂
My husband also indulged me and we stopped at Dairy Queen.
I love Eric.  He’s so good to me! ❤ 

6 thoughts on “Flea Market Finds

  1. Kristal, the washboards were all about $10 a piece, but most of them were junky and falling apart and I wasn't going to pay that much for something that is falling apart! 🙂 The crocks were the ones that were super expensive! $20 was the average for small ones. Some day I might find some nice ones – I'll have to check out yard sales this summer.

  2. Linda, yes, flea market . .. grungyness.. . kinda does go hand in hand. I'm totally wearing a pony tail and LOTS of sun screen next time we head out there!

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