Spring, Working Kids, School . . .

 Spring has sprung at our place.  Yay!
I love spring.
Love all the newly growing, green!
 My dogwood tree is getting ready to bloom.
I love the dogwood tree.
 Yesterday I had the kids do some work around the house.
I didn’t take pictures of them washing out the sap buckets.
Ryan informed me that “doing chores is fun!”
That’s the spirit! 🙂
 We had some big branches fall during some windy weather.
The kids worked well together taking those trees to the
fire pit.  They had a good time doing that, too.
The weather wasn’t so bad either, as you can tell!
 Last night I wanted to get some pictures of the moon.
There was some triangle thing with the moon, mars and regulus.
Of course, by the time I decided to get my camera and tripod out
there was cloud cover.  Oh well . . . 🙂
 My sweet daughter brought me a handful of flowers today.
They are the best flowers ever!
Henny had a great day, too.
She liked being carried around by Grace.
School has been going ok the last couple weeks.
I started a wrap-up the other day for last week, but never
did get to finish that post.
End-of-school-itis has set in for me.
I’m thinking the kids are experiencing it, too.
Grace finished her math book this week, so she is done with Beta!
Yay!  She got a 97% on her final test.  She only missed one problem
that she forgot to carry.  She loves Math and I am so glad because
it was never one of my strong subjects!  I think the boys
inherited their “love” of math from me.
This week we’ve been reading through Jesus’ final week.
It has been a really good time reading through God’s Word
with the kids and thinking about what Jesus went through for our sins.
Their Resurrection gardens are growing nicely. 
I’ll post a picture tomorrow, hopefully.
We are going to decorate some egg shells and then
make some Resurrection cookies.
We’ll not be having school on Good Friday.  Who does?
Our family always migrates out to Rogers, Ohio
to the big flea market for the early part of the day.
When I say early, we are leaving at 6am. 
Should be a fun time though!
Eric is home on a long weekend and I love that!
I love him, too!

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