Random Things

 Pretty flowers I found growing the other day.
 Baking my eggs.  Before.
 After.  Only one eggs came apart while cooking, but none exploded.
Or leaked all over the place.
I think it’s kind of a neat process.
 Homemade cough syrup.  Before. 
 Homemade cough syrup after simmering.
Just strained out the onions and it is ok.
 Flower I ran through a program on photoshop.
My nephew turned 13 yesterday. 
It seems like he’s been 13 since he was about 2 years old. 😉

5 thoughts on “Random Things

  1. My mother use to make homemade cough syrup out of honey and lemon. I think it worked pretty well. I have never done onions before. I know they are very healthy for you.

  2. I've never seen anyone bake eggs in an oven before. Are they good? Easier to peel? What is the advantage as opposed to boiling them? That is great that you make your own cough syrup. Can you share your recipe?

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