Weekly Wrap-Up and Other Things . . .

Week 29
Such as it was.
We can’t seem to kick these illnesses.  Waaaa!  I can’t help being a cry baby.  Plans,  schplans.  Who needs them, right?  I had a post about that the other week.  
It was another rough week here.  Starting Saturday afternoon the fevers began and they were here with a vengeance.  Ryan spiked upper 103’s a couple times and he seems to have a bad cough now.  Grace ran a low-grade fever for a couple days, then got a head cold.  By Sunday night/Monday morning (3:30am) Nathan was spiking a fever of 104.  His fevers lasted until Tuesday.  Just when I thought everyone was doing almost better, Grace started fevers again last night – higher than last weekend.  
A cousin of mine had Lyme’s disease and she said she fevered after her first round of antibiotics and suggested the doctor, so I took her advice and got Grace in this afternoon.  Grace will start her 2nd round of different antibiotics on Monday.  Please pray for her!  We’d really like round 2 to be done and for her to be over the worst so my little girl can get back to playing and enjoying life like she did before being plagued by the fevers and fatigue.  My heart really aches for her.  I hate seeing her suffer.

The nurse at the doctor’s office asked if we needed a doctor’s excuse for school. 🙂  I told her we homeschool, so we didn’t need a note.  It would have been funny to get a note for myself. 🙂

This week’s school accomplishment was Math.  Grace got a 100% on her test and Nathan got a  95% and Ryan is going to take his test again tomorrow.  He had a rough time of it today.  
This week we worked on a little bit of a Unit Study about Resurrection Sunday and learned about Passover and how it got started in Exodus.  I want to get Matzoh from the store so the kids can try it a little and then we’ll build a Resurrection Garden (idea I found on pinterest).  I’m excited to do some more studying on Easter and Christ’s Resurrection from the dead!  There are a few other projects I would love to do with the kids before Easter Sunday, so hopefully everyone starts feeling better soon and we can do some of those things.
I started running this past Sunday.  I don’t run that much, but at least I started!  It’s kind of fun to do, but the hardest part for me is just getting going.  Ugh, running that first minute kills me! 🙂  I’ve been running 1 minute, walking 2.  Thursday I ran a couple 2 minute runs and walked 2 minute after them.  Running 2 minutes is pretty good if it’s on basically flat ground or down a sloping hill. 🙂  
Since my children are sick and coughing, I found a recipe for cough syrup and made it.  I found the recipe HERE.  Not sure if it’ll help, but figured it couldn’t hurt to try.  Ryan is the one I have taking it since he’s been coughing so bad lately.  
Right now I’m waiting for my order from amazon to come in because I ordered things so I can make some homemade toothpaste.  The recipe I’m going to use is found HERE.  I’ll post about it some time – with pictures! 
Well, it’s crazy late and I need to get to bed.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up and Other Things . . .

  1. i am praying for grace, emily. i feel bad that she has been so sick! poor sweet girl!

    give her a big hug from us girls over here:)

    on a brighter note, keep up with the running! you're doing great!

  2. We could be crying together. Since we can't seem to kick or stay off the illness that keep going round and round our home.

    Good days are coming soon!
    Bless you and yours.

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