Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 28
This past week of school was productive, finally. 
Of course, we are hit AGAIN with fevers over the weekend, so week 29 is starting off not doing any bookwork. 
Last week everyone accomplished most of the work that was in their planner for the week.  I rearranged some things just to make sure stuff got done each day.  We’re playing a little catch up, but not too much.
It’s really hard to want to have school when the weather has been so amazing!
Last week we took a nice, long walk on some nearby roads. 
Checked out the bushes and plants that are just starting to grow everywhere.
These are growing along the side of the road. 
I love bright yellow against the crumbled brown leaves.
Since we’ve been sick so much, it has taken a while for the kids to get their math lessons done.  Nathan finished lesson 27 Thursday and started 28 on Friday.  He didn’t do the best on his test, but he did OK and since his book is not in front of me I can’t remember the score and am too lazy to go get it. 🙂    Ryan has been working on multiplication tables for a couple weeks and still needs to work on them.  He did do a lesson in his book on Friday.  Grace finished lesson 28 and got a 100% on her test.  Her next two lesson are going to be super easy for her and fun, too  Then she’ll be done with her Math for the year! 
Nathan finished his pronoun section in his Easy Grammar book.  He is to do the End of the Pronoun Unit Cumulative Review and test this week, but since he had a very high fever last night he isn’t doing anything today, except lying around.  Grace finished her Explode the Code books 3 and 3 1/2 and started in Book 4 and 4 1/2.  Ryan is nearly done with 4 and 4 1/2. 
I ordered Ryan’s CAT test the other day.  That’s a test I dread for him.  He is a terrible test taker.  We don’t study the things he is tested on either.  Makes it harder for him to take. 
Spelling went well for all 3 of the kids last week!  Ryan got a 90% on his test, Grace and Nathan got 95% on their tests.  I was just glad we finished tests! 
Thursday we started school watching movies.  The first one was a 2 part movie on Netflix called
Colossal Squid.  Gross, but the kids were fascinated by it!  We also watched a show called Infested.  Eww, spiders, ants, and snakes infesting these people’s homes.  Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.  Again, the kids liked it.  They got some science in last week anyway!
We’ve been sticking with the basics, mostly.  We add some other things – walks, movies, etc. just to change things up a little. 
I’m on the hunt for some new curricula for next school year.  Looking for an editing based Grammar program (currently checking out Editor in Chief) and a good art program. I’m still debating about See The Light.  We really enjoyed the sample video we received.  One other thing I’m looking for is a good Bible study for the family – maybe one I could buy in book form.  Ink is too expensive to constantly print everything from the internet . 
And that’s a wrap!


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