Running Gear

Because I’m nerdy,
here is one of my new running shoes from different angles.
They feel wonderful on my feet! 
Then there are the Under Armour clothes (I LOVE) and weapon.
Weapon will be hidden, of course, but I had to get a picture of it.
We live in the country and I will be running on the back roads
and you never know if you’ll run across a black bear.
Or a creep. 
There are lots of creeps these days
 and back roads are their hunting ground. 
Better safe than sorry. 
Anyway . . .
Yesterday I started a running program that I found on pinterest.
It’s called:
Breaks it down into a very do-able program for a
beginner, such as myself. 🙂
Lots of my friends run!  Last week Nathan and I jogged a little
on this walk we all took and it was so nice.
Granted my feet and legs killed me the next couple days, so
that is why I decided I better get some running shoes.
It wasn’t a long run, but I did it and I felt good about it.
Running is free, so why not!
Plus I get tired of looking at my bedroom while on the elliptical
day in and day out.
And when the weather is warm I want to be out in it!
Can you believe I’m looking for a fannypack?
Fannypack.  Fanny Pack.  It’s a funny word if you say it fast. 
Where does one find a fannypack these days?
Do they still make them?
Guess I could use google and find my answers to these questions.
I don’t want an enormous one, just a small one.
Never in my life would I have ever purchased one, but
I must out of necessity now. 
Running with a purse is ridiculous.
I have done it!
Tales from the Motherhood writer, Wendy Hagen,
is trying to bring back the Fanny Pack. 
Check out her Stylin’ Saturday post HERE. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Running Gear

  1. Liz, I'm looking for a fanny pack to keep it in while I run. It should stay in there just fine while running.

    I'm also looking at and seeing what they have – a friend referred me. She said she loves her concealer. I'm not sure if it would be good for running though.

    The holster I have right now would just pull my pants down while running and that wouldn't be good. lol

    Once I build up some running stamina we could strike out on the back roads together.

  2. OK… I have never see anyone run with heat. I am in shock. But totally understand.

    Off to check out the link as my son and I just started running {or back to running for me}.

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