Spring . . . Almost

Spring doesn’t officially start until next week, but I am enjoying the springlike weather we’ve been having this week!  My crocuses are blooming, I saw some green leaves on a bush today while out for a walk with the kids today.

I love the smells of spring.  
The smell of the earth after an early spring (late winter) rain.  
The smell of sap simmering in the pot.  
The smell of last fall’s leaves warmed by the sun.
The smell of new growth.
The many other smells just floating in the air that scream spring.
New plant growth.  I love!

The new growth is a renewal of life after a long, dormant winter.  The trees are budding and getting ready to grow their leaves.  Life is just getting ready to burst out all over the place and I want to soak it all in and enjoy the time with my family.

It has been a dormant time spiritually for me.  I’ve been memorizing Colossians, so that has been keeping me in the Word, but I feel like I need more.  My prayer life also stinks, but I have been praying for many of my friends and bringing them and their requests before God.  My prayer life needs to be more heartfelt and meaningful and I just need to enjoy QUIET time with God. All too often I have the radio rambling in the background or other noise going on all the time. 

This winter was very mild, by far, and if we had many more like this I could handle winter so much better!  🙂  I like those temperatures.  This temperature was last week (early March)! 

Happy Spring!!


2 thoughts on “Spring . . . Almost

  1. I'm so wanting Spring weather here in NM. This past week has been gorgeous! BUT I hear we are expecting a snow storm with “feet” of snow.

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