Once upon a time I LOVED drinking
Maxwell House Coffee.  LOVED it!
Then we got our Keurig.
The Keurig came with all kinds of sample coffees.
One that wasn’t in our sampler was Dunkin’ Donuts,
but Eric got to try it at work and he said it was great.
So we bought a bag of this glorious stuff!
It’s my new favorite coffee.
I put it in the filter that came with the Keurig and it is glorious!
Every day I drink a cup or two.  I just can’t help it.

3 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. Oh, my. DD coffee is the BEST! We used to drink it all the time. But I am trying to shave off all “unnecessary” expenses in our budget (b/c I really, really, REALLY want to stay home…) so that had to go… *sigh* Drink a cup for me! 🙂

  2. I love Dunkin! We tried samples one time at Sam's Club and we were hooked. A bit pricey since I could drink multiple cups a day, but delicious! The Donut House K Cups are good also.

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