Plans . . . Who Needs ’em?

Seriously, we’ve been trying to do school for a few weeks now and we have gotten some work done on some days.  This week hasn’t been a very good one though.  Two sick days in a row and at first I felt bad about it, but I don’t now.  The kids will get their school work done. . .sometime.

All 3 of them have been coughing and coughing, poor things.  Nathan started with the fevers Monday night, but seems to be a little better today, except for that cough.  Ryan has been coughing since last week and Grace just started coughing in the last couple days and is back to a full-fledged cold again.  Poor girly has had a very rough time since she first came down with the flu a couple weeks ago.  I think it’s a lot harder for her to recover since she’s been on high doses of antibiotics for a couple weeks now for Lyme’s.  She feels miserable and is so frustrated being sick.  

Can you believe I didn’t even post about a birthday over the weekend?  I can’t believe it!  With all the sickness and then some vehicle issues, I didn’t even think of posting about it!

My little princess turned 8.  Can you believe it – 8??  She was thrilled to have cupcakes (with rings from Tangled) and mint chocolate chip ice cream and spend her birthday money.  She is definitely a girl and loves shopping.  Of course, you’d think she would get some girly stuff. . .maybe. . .if you don’t know her. lol  She ended up buying Halo mega blocks.  I have a video gaming family and I myself am not a video gamer – unless it’s Sims 3 or something lame like that.  🙂  The rest love video games.  My kids roll their eyes if I try playing with them because I’m not that good.  Again, I have birthday photos, but photoshop is still not up and running yet.  Have I mentioned I’m going into withdrawals?  I sure am!

This post was started a couple days ago and now it’s time for:

Week 27
So we didn’t accomplish all that I had planned (as the title of this post eludes to), but we did get some work done this week.  Nobody completed a complete math lesson and test this week, but almost.  Ryan is really working on his multiplication tables each day, seeing him work hard is really good!  It’s amazing what taking away xbox time does for a kid.  
No spelling this week, except for a word search they did today that I made with their word lists.  Nathan did finish his assigned Grammar pages (yay).  They all worked on some of their cursive writing pages this week, but I don’t think they finished all that was scheduled.  They can continue on next week where we left off.  
Life has been very chaotic lately.  Along with the illnesses, I’m also taking this lady, Rose, to the doctor’s and keeping an eye on her stitches, which come out Tuesday, and having vehicle issues (which are all taken care of now PTL).  I’ll post about all this other stuff soon – I hope! 
How thankful I am for my husband that works so hard and for my 3 generally good children God has blessed me with!  I’m also thankful for the bed which I am about to fall into and sleep tonight! 

3 thoughts on “Plans . . . Who Needs ’em?

  1. My 6 year old daughter is the same as yours. She would much rather have some video game toys than girly stuff. Her older brother is gone this weekend and she used my phone to text him to ask if she could play his Halo while he's gone. It's so funny.

    Praying you guys get better soon!!!

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