Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 26
Our last few weeks of school have been disrupted by illness.  I have all these great idea, but no one feels good enough to really apply them.  We’ve (I’ve) just been happy enough to get the basics done lately.  
MATH:  Nathan had a 94% on his math test.  I’m not sure it reflects his grasp of things though.  He seems to learn something new and forget something he knew before.  It’s frustrating, but we gotta keep pressing on.   Ryan did multiplication tables a few days last week, but ended up getting sick on Wednesday and had Thurs. and Fri. as sick days.  Grace got an 84% on her math test, but she does understand what she is doing – she was just careless on her test.  
GRAMMAR & Explode the Code:  Nathan did 3 days worth of Grammar and Grace did 4 days of Explode the Code.  Ryan also did 3 days of Explode the Code.  The rest of the week I didn’t make Nathan and Ryan do their stuff.  I was exhausted – nights of lost sleep from kids waking up just kind of got to me.  It’s amazing how tired mom gets when the kids are sick.  
SPELLING:  Nathan got an 85% on his test and Grace took her test, but I’m just having her review last week’s lesson this week, that way she and Ryan can work together.  
BIBLE:  We started working on the beatitudes last week, but didn’t get as far as I liked.  We’ll just press on.  
SCIENCE:  Nathan did unit test 6 and got an 82%.  He started unit 7 and will be done with his Creation or Evolution book!  I think he’s enjoyed the study.  After he’s done with that and the weather starts being more stable, we’ll start Nature Study again.  I definitely want to be more organized with it.
On Leap Day the kids went to a party that my sister-in-law planned.  It was so cute!  I have pictures and I want to add them, but can’t right now.  Our big computer is still being worked on (hubby had to wipe it clean and is reloading everything) and I can’t play with photoshop to resize the pictures until it’s ready to go.  
Have any of you heard of Home School Enrichment magazine?  I LOVE it!  I got some free issues in the mail and decided to order some.  So many great articles and great ideas!  


One thought on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. Not heard of the magazine, I'll have to check it out.

    Sorry everyone was under the weather – sounds like you did a great job of just going with the flow.

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