Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 25
This was a rough week of school, let me tell ya!  After our 2 weeks of modified school with a few days taken off for sick days, it was hard getting back into the groove.
MATH:  This was a good and bad week all wrapped into one.  The 2 week break from math helped Nathan a lot.  He finally understood what he was doing with his long multiplication problems.  He doesn’t always pay attention, but when he does he gets the problems correct.  Ryan, on the other hand is having major difficulty with multiplication because he told me he doesn’t really know his multiplication tables.  That’s when I found that site www.honorpoint.com  and Ryan really likes it.  I’m so thankful for the internet!  Sometimes you just don’t know what will help out your child until you try different things.  Grace is doing well with her math, too.  She loves math (so not like her mother, thankfully)!
Grammar & Explode the Code:  Nathan is learning about Pronouns in his grammar now.  He seems to be doing ok, so far. 🙂  Grace and Ryan are flying through their Explode the Code books.  They enjoy those subjects.
SPELLING:  It was a pretty good week for spelling, for the most part.  Nathan got a 95% on his test.  He did a really good job.  Grace and Ryan did their tests.  Ryan’s wasn’t so good at first, but he was determined to get a 100% and he did!  He took his test once and did pretty bad, so he studied his words and then retook it for the 100%.  He doesn’t remember things well, so I know it was determination that helped him get the 100.  That’s the kind of effort I LOVE seeing from him.  I made sure I told Eric so he could praise Ryan for the good job he did.  Grace did ok on her test, not the best, but we’ll be going over the words again next school year.  
HISTORY:  We are catching up with our Freedom Friday from the week before.  We did a page of quotes to guess who said it and started reading through the Declaration of Independence.  It could have been a better week, but we were just getting by with the basics most days last week.
SCIENCE:  Nathan is continuing in his Creation or Evolution book.  He’s getting near the end of it and seems to be enjoying the study.  Ryan and Grace did not do any science last week.  I’m looking forward to doing some nature study once spring is in full swing.  It’ll be nice to have some classes outside!
BIBLE:  It was a fail in this subject this week.  We finished our Character Studies a couple weeks ago and I have just not found something to start.  I do have some Bible books in the book case, I need to start one of them!  Tomorrow!
As I mentioned, it was a rough school week, but it was profitable!  This week will be a bit modified due to some business and on Wednesday we’ll be going to a Leap Day Party!  I’m excited about that! 🙂  It’ll be a fun day!  

One thought on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. I absolutely admire you homeschooling moms!! 🙂 I love that you really get a lot of things accomplished – and some much cooler things than public school…and that you don't fake having it all together!

    PS – I love your new header!! …it's been far too long since I've visited.

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