Week In Review and Then Some

There’s nothing much to wrap up in the school department this week (which would be week 24).  We worked on Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday and Thursday were sick days.  Today was a field trip and the boys got to go on that today with their aunt and cousin.  I’m ever so grateful they got to go today!  They needed to get out of the house for a while and learn something!

Poor Grace started getting sick on Monday – sore throat and then was fevered off and on until Wednesday.  She also had the stomach bug Tuesday and Wednesday and then last night it moved to her head and she has the runny nose, cold thing now.  She can’t get a break, I tell ya!  It’s been quite a rough week for her.

Grace has complained about her aching little body for quite some time now, so I had her tested in November for Lyme Disease.  I may have mentioned it before, but I am not sure.  Anyway, she tested normal then, but her antibodies were slightly elevated, so the doctor wanted her retested.  We did this last week and her results came back positive today.  She’s going to be starting Amoxicillin and will be taking it for the next 3 weeks.  Poor thing!  I’m hoping it’ll help her feel better.  

The boys have remained healthy and I am so thankful for that!  I’m praying they don’t get sick.  Starting Monday it’ll be back to our normal school schedule. . .  hopefully! 🙂  

Eric and I are doing pretty good.  He’s been super busy with work – pray for him!  We’re thankful for the business, but not the stress that is going along with it.  

He and I are still doing myfitnesspal.com – keeping track of our food and exercise.  I haven’t lost much weight, but I do feel better about myself!  Exercising even when I don’t want to (which has been a lot this week) and trying to eat healthier.  Some weeks are harder than others!  My main exercise is our elliptical.  I love that thing.  Use it every day, almost.  I’ve also added the workout below to a couple days a week if I have the energy to do it!   

Today I did this workout 3 times.  Let me tell you, I was totally dragging through it the third time!  This is a pinterest find that somebody uploaded.  No website.  

This week I’ve spent a little money on some projects I want to try at home – homemade things like:  lip balm, homemade cleaners, a wallflower scent and a homemade deodorant.  

I fell off the no shampoo wagon pretty quick – mostly for convenience during illness.  I wanted my head to feel nice while the rest of me felt so bad! 🙂  I will get back on this and see how it goes.  That funky in between feeling just was getting to me when I couldn’t breathe out of my nose!  

However, I DID keep up with the oil cleansing method on my face.  My face is still trying to adjust to it, but I LOVE it!  My face is way less oily now than it was when I used soap.  How weird is that?  It’s not a lot clearer than when I started, but it may get that way.  We’ll see.  🙂  I’ll keep you posted.  My face doesn’t feel like it’s going to crack up, nor is it the grease slick it has been most of my life.  

I have much more to say, but I’ll save it for another post!  I need to go hang out with the family on this Friday night. 

Have a great weekend all!


2 thoughts on “Week In Review and Then Some

  1. oh emily,

    so sorry to hear about grace. i really hope she is okay and will be praying for her. keep us posted. it's so hard to see our little ones in pain!

    on a completely unimportant note, i also fell off the no shampoo bandwagon quickly. i only lasted 5 days on the baking soda. i may try again another time, but i so love the lather of normal shampoo!

    i do have to say that my hair had a nice sheen to it – and i did like the vinegar conditioner – it made my hair really soft.

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