Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 23
As you can tell, I’ve been in a blogging funk lately.  Not so motivated to write about anything, really.  I guess these are the ho-hum days of winter.  Nothing exciting or interesting going on for the most part (a few things I will save for another post).  Eric had a head cold one weekend and I had one last weekend – it lasted for about a week.  Not good!  Thankfully it’s over now and I’m feeling mostly normal again.  Well, normal for me anyway. 🙂  
School continues on though.  That was going the same, so this past week I decided to change things up a bit. I’m thinking we’ll have one more week of “abnormal school” and then get back on track with our regularly scheduled studies.  
MATH:  This week we started reading through Life of Fred  Butterflies and it has been rather fun!  I know it’s easy elementary math, but amazingly my older boys needed this review (especially my oldest).  We have one more to read through, which we borrowed from a friend.  I am ever so thankful to her for loaning these books to us!  I’m really tempted to purchase them now.  I’ll have to talk it over with the husband and see what he thinks.  I’m trying to decide, which I’m sure will happen after discussing things over with Eric, if we should switch completely OR use Life of Fred along with our Math U See.  Decisions, decisions . . .  My boys are behind in math and some times it’s like they just aren’t grasping things.  I feel like I’m totally messing things up for them at this point, but we’re pressing on with what we have for now.
BIBLE:  This past week we completed our Bible study on Character traits.  We’ll still work on the Scripture verses for the rest of the school year and move on to some other Bible Study (after I figure out what that is).  I believe it’s a very important subject – the most important subject.  We must learn and know God’s Word and what He wants us to do each and every day.  
SPELLING:  All 3 of the kids read through their spelling log books up to where they left off and we did spelling practice and I went through each kid’s books with them and had them spell words that they had missed all the way through.  It was a good review.  Nathan enjoys spelling a lot and does pretty good most of the time.  Grace isn’t as good spelling words out-loud since she uses phonogram sounds to spell words, but she can write them pretty good!  With Ryan it’s just an all-round struggle, but he did really good spelling words out-loud the other day.  I’m glad for that!  If only he’d just realize that using the phonogram sounds really will help you spell words out!  

GRAMMAR/WRITING:  On Monday, Nathan did a Cumulative test for the Adverb Unit for his Grammar.  He got a 93% on the test.  He did a good job because that’s a lot of stuff to remember!  We tried something new this week, too.  All 3 kids had a writing assignment and we have a small poster on our wall with how the Writing Process works.  The kid’s papers were about a paragraph each, Nathan’s was 2 paragraphs.  They did pretty good, too.  Next week we’re going to write another paper and concentrate on sentence patterns and review the parts of speech and probably do a page or two of editing.

HISTORY:  Last week, Rebecca @  Mom’s Mustard Seeds started a fantastically wonderful series called FREEDOM FRIDAY.  Last week for history we read the Mayflower Compact and answered questions on it that we got from HERE.  We also watched the video by Lynn from FOUNDERS ACADEMY and answered questions about the video, too.

ART:  Nothing formal, but there was some spontaneous drawing and coloring broke out once or twice.  My kids spend these long winter days playing with Lego’s a lot. My living room gets vacuumed a couple times a week, after I get them to remove all their Lego’s from the floor.  Might not be “art” officially, but they are being creative with their building/playing.

CURSIVE:  The kids are doing good in this subject.  I haven’t made them write their final papers in cursive, but we’ll get there.  I’m thinking Nathan and Ryan can probably do this and Grace might even like to try it.  The boys are working through their new cursive writing books.  I really like the book Nathan has right now.  It’s called HANDWRITING:  Book G by Thomas M. Wasylyk.    The other 2 are using Handwriting by ELP.  Grace is using Practice Book 3 and Ryan is using Book 4.  I think once they finish those books up I will move them to the books by Thomas Wasylyk.

SCIENCE:  We didn’t really do anything in science this week, unless you count watching Monster Bug Wars.  It’s kinda creepy, but cool, too. 🙂

Well, that’s our wrap-up.  It was a fun week of school and we look forward to another week of this kind of schooling AND a  field trip!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. We used the LOF math books and while my son liked them in the end I didn't think he learned all he should have. But for him I think it was a reading thing. This year we moved to Teaching Textbooks and both my math haters are doing amazing. I might move my daughter next year {when she is in 4th grade}.

    Sounds like a relaxing week and a good review!

  2. Math is an area we struggle in, as well. In the grand scheme, I think the girls are actually ahead of their grade level, but it's not been an easy task. Math was never my strong suit, so I can see the importance of teaching them and push all the harder.

    I haven't been in a writing mood either. Blogging is fun, but when there are so many other things on the plate, it's hard to find time and motivation when you could be getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep~! 🙂

  3. I bet you can catch them up if need be in math! You could concentrate on it for the summer or something to feel good about it- I have a gifted math student who is about to pass me up & I'm looking for the right program!!! I have 6 yr, 7 yr, and 10yr boys – new follower from MomsMustardSeeds! God bless-

  4. I have heard good things about the Life of Fred – I need to look into that! Thanks for linking to Freedom Friday!!!! Let me know if there is anything I can do to make this more enjoyable…or more encouraging! LOVED your update and congrats on that great grammar score!

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