Face & Hair

 So here I am without any make-up on. 
My face is terribly slightly broken out.
You can’t really see how nasty it is in this picture.
Just trust me.
I do love how my face feels after I do the OCM though!
I’ll continue on until my face settles down.
Until then . . . sorry. 🙂 
Going to bed earlier would probably help.
Talk about getting natural this year.
See those roots??  Yes. That IS my natural hair color.
The color the good Lord gave to me.
The color I’m going to go back to.
Yikes! 🙂 
It has been years since I’ve not colored my hair!
I hope I can make it.


5 thoughts on “Face & Hair

  1. You can do it! Like I submitted a few days ago, consider doing a few highlights to ease the pain of roots if you need to. It will look very dramatic while it's growing out! Have you noticed even Martha Stewart is showing roots this season?

  2. I don't wear anything except eye make up and sometime lipstick. Because it causes me to break out. Here you are going back to being natural(hair color) and I am getting ready to start coloring. Still don't know what color.

  3. Andrea, I can do it! 🙂 I don't want to add any highlights or anything, just let it go. It's a little frightening, but I'll get over it. lol I'm getting my first haircut of 2012 tomorrow (gotta get rid of some nasty ends). I've washed with BC/ACV for 2 nights now. Last night I did a better job of it and my hair feels good today! After the roots get long enough I am going shorter – sometimes I love shorter hair! I also didn't know about Martha Stewart. I'll have to check out her roots. 🙂

    Jenny, I don't wear much make-up either. Usually just for church or a date with my honey. My face is a mess usually, too. I did replace my make up a couple years ago with stuff called “Physician's Formula.” It's a little more pricy, but still can be found at wal-mart. It was good for my skin and I don't break out as much. Highlights are fun if you're unsure of a total hair color.

  4. I realized today that the color I have my hair dyed is EXACTLY my normal color! I can see distinct root lines of gray but none on the color part… I am pondering not coloring but I think I might hypervenalate… I have to color… have to…

    I also wanted to tell you I tagged you in a post Randomness 11 – participate if you have time and want to -dont feel pressure. 🙂

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