Weekend in Review

Another Pinterest snack.
This chocolaty delight is from Chocolate Covered Katie’s site.
She has all kinds of wonderful ideas for healthy snacks and I had
to share a good thing!
Mine is not quite as fluffy as Katie’s because I dumped the
coconut water in by accident. 🙂  I’ll put it in a bowl next time so
it’s extra fluffy.  I’ll probably use a little less chocolate, too.
I did add 3 Tbsp sugar to the recipe.
It does help the sweet craving!

This past weekend was really uneventful.  Eric got sick again. 😦  Poor guy.  He came home from work on Friday with a nasty head cold and battled that and fevers all weekend. 

I just caught up on laundry, planned school, cooked some food (or chopped some salad).  Been on an avocado eating kick the last few days, so I tried some different ways to eat them.  One a day! Woo Hoo!  Guacamole is delightful! 🙂

My weekly wrap up for school is one I would rather not wrap up. 🙂 Last week was just not a good week of school.  Thankfully Monday was a good day and I’m praying the rest of the week is the same way!

Cindy and I are still working through Colossians and have finished up  to chapter  3:6!  Yay!  Thanks again for your encouragement, Cindy!  We CAN do this!  We ARE doing this!  🙂


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