Oil Cleansing Method

The other day a friend on facebook had commented how her skin was like an adolescent’s skin.  I have had this problem off and on (mostly on) for years and years. 

My face is like an oil slick with some nasty, dry, and flaky patches.  The dry and flaky never made much sense to me with all the oil, but that’s the way it is with my skin.  Always gross, anyway.  I’ve tried so many things on my face through the years.  Proactive was good for a while, then started hurting my skin.  Other brands of face soaps, skin medications, etc. all left my face a mess.  Everything started hurting my face.  Pretty much resorted to water and very mild soaps (if any).  My face is still a mess.  I hate wearing makeup because you can see how awful my face really is with it on. 

So anyway, a friend of my one friend mentioned the Oil Cleansing Method and how it has really helped her face.  Well, I decided to google it and check it out.  What could it hurt, right?  Everything else hasn’t worked.  I also read about it at Simple Mom  and at Simple Organized Living and Crunchy Betty and Life As A Plate.  I like to see what others are saying! 🙂  You can also google review of OCM.  It’s fun to read if you have time. 

You can use different oils, but I just went with the basics mentioned in all the posts.  I figure I will try these ones and see how it goes after a couple weeks. 

Last night I did my first try at OCM and I have to say I really, really liked it!  Even today my skin is only a little oily – not nearly the oil slick is usually is.  Very interesting!  My skin was so soft and CLEAN feeling after using oils on it!  Such a strange and neat surprise. 

I used a little more castor oil than olive oil (just a little of each in a cap).  Massaged it into my entire face for a couple minutes, then I used a hot washcloth a couple times and the oils came off.  No funky, slippery residue.  Some people splash water on their faces in the morning, but I didn’t do that this morning.   I’m sure there will be mornings when I will do that! 🙂  It’s something I do already, no soaps to start my days. 

I should take a picture of my face today and then see how my face is in a week from now, etc.  I’ll add a picture of my face to this post later! 🙂  The “before” picture and we’ll see how it goes. I guess you have to get the right mixture for your skin, so I will just see if what I did last night will continue working of if I have to switch it up. 

Another thing I’ve been reading about is the No Shampoo hair cleansing.  I am not brave enough to try it at this point, but I am considering it.  I’ve read lots of rave reviews on it.   Google it and see what you think.   If there are any brave souls out there that might want to try this, let me know and we can try it together. 🙂 

One other hair thing . . . I’m considering going to my natural hair color.  Letting the blonde locks grow out.  I hate that funky, growing out stage though. 😦  My hair was originally light brown, but has now become a grayish brown color (heavy on the grayish).  My husband thinks some gray hair can be attractive.  I think my hair can do without all the abuse of making it blonde – it’s very dry, spilt and feeling like straw.  Once upon a time I loved my hair. . . vain, I know, but I really did.

3 thoughts on “Oil Cleansing Method

  1. I just started a new cleansing method….honey+baking soda and so far I love it. Makes sense…honey is anti-bacterial and baking soda is mildly abbrasive. Just what I need! I've also heard olive oil is a super moisturizer.

    I do No-Poo and have for several years. Once in a while when I'm in a major hurry, I'll use shampoo, but generally I only use baking soda and vinegar. What you'll find, even if you just use vinegar for a rinse, is that your hair is really, really soft. The last time I got my hair cut, the stylist commented on how incredibly soft my hair is. I think that's saying something.

    I'm letting my roots grow out too…from sunbleached blonde to med/dark blonde. Roots are in this year, so I figure this is the time to do it! If you're worried about the transition, maybe you can do some streaking/highlighting? Or some demi-permanent hair color…the kind that washes out over 6-8 weeks and doesn't leave roots? I've tried it and it works well although there's limited color choices.

  2. Very interesting. I myself agree. I use Biore religiously and all it seems to do is dry it and not help the acne at all. I have found using just face cream instead of soap has helped a LOT… so probably same concept as the oil. Adding back the softness into it.

    I have icky skin – worse once a month… I feel like a teenager sometimes.
    adding makeup just seems to make it stand out more. So I don't normally use any foundation.

    Hair… oh my is the gray popping up everywhere for me. I LOVE GETTING OLD! ha ha ha.

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